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For those of you who don't know: I created an account specially to boost and share the work of the Fediverse's artist women. You can follow it here: @womensart.
Please, follow artist women and share their work!

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hey artists, as much as i appreciate your generosity, please please please please PLEASE don't send a full art file to someone until they have ***paid you.*** relying on the good will of others is admirable but also not the smartest move. there have been like 3 artists i've worked with the past couple of months that have sent me high-res versions of my art and an invoice after the fact. nothing would stop a shittier person from never paying you!!! get your 💰 before you send the final product!!

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It's been so long since i've posted stuff I've lost track a bit - but I don't think i've posted any stuff for a while. Here's the process gif for this one! It's
uncharacteristically decisive in it's realisation, by my own standards.

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hey fam! i'm a 29 y/o smol black queer, afab nb, super into "bread tube" (contrapoints, philosophy tube, three arrows, shaun, etc.) but I was radicalized over a decade ago :anarchistflagblack:

I'm currently teaching myself web development (pretty solid html/css skills, working on getting a good grasp of js and i've dabbled in web scraping with python). also into cyber/info/net security.

I also like languages, linguistics, travel, and learning new things in general.

this is my first toot I'm ever writing on mastodon and tbh I'm not sure that i know what I'm doing 🙃

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Dark Forest Virtual Chatroom is OUT NOW!

Explore an abandoned virtual chatroom. Befriend the bots who live there. End a world.

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UK artist Chris Wood works with coloured glass to create prism-like mazes and mandalas, installed vertically #womensart

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Clip Studio Paint is having a 50% off sale for five days at the moment, if you've been thinking of picking it up or upgrading now might be the time!

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Do you speak #arabic, #persian, #hebrew, #urdu, or any right-to-left language? Librsvg needs help to find test cases for those languages, and people who can tell us what the correct behavior is.

Boosts appreciated!

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Hey did I tell you folks I made a weird chess game and it's free?


Oh! I have a portfolio page now. My incredible brother made it for me - I'm super happy with it.
(CW for some violent imagery)

Now I just need to destroy that wix site I made last year

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#Walked back to Ross Creek reservoir, managed to get better shots.

Then I #hiked up randomly and found my way to Craigieburn.

My website still isn't up yet. Unfortunately I cannot do independant business on my Student Visa. I'll probably have to upload my work to a third party site, still working things out

#mywork #photo #photograph #photography #picture #panorama #walk #ocean #pond #bay #hike #urban #water #pond #afternoon #trees #clouds #mountains #sky #sunlight #clouds #nature #trees

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