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Looking to do some personal commissions, please boost!
£75✨ Pieces, like these, with backgrounds
£50✨ figures w/o backgrounds
£35✨ busts w/o backgrounds
🌱info/terms & conditions here:
Will add CW'd examples below, but theres lots on my feed/the insta linked in my profile

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arty Resources/useful toots 

Okay, people keep posting amazing stuff here and I keep losing track of it so I'm gonna stick them all here in a pinned thread

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• Self-employed illustrator
• b.1990
• Cis (he/they)
• Brown
• Socialist
• Intersectional feminist
• Currently irritatingly nomadic - London/Sweden.

Interests/things I might post about
• Art/the arts
• Star Trek
• Non-Eurocentricity/genuine representation of it in arts/media
• My obsessive art/worldbuilding/poetry project:

If you wanna/can support me:

I'm ok at CW stuff but you can lemme know if I'm not

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It's #BrainInjuryAwarenessMonth and I'd just to tell people to stop using brain injuries as a metaphor for evil, incompetence, or another undesirable trait. People with brain injuries spend lots of time and money rebuilding our lives, and we face plenty of medical discrimination.

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These big ass Abstract Anatomy woodcut prints are 2x3 feet.
Unpacking from moving gave me an opportunity to capture the original wood itself with one of the prints. The single framed one I have for myself is one of the last pieces of art yet to be hung in our new place. 🔨 It’s heavy! I still got some in either black or red ink for you at 🖤 #woodcut #mastoart

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Hey, pal. Do you make analog games of any stripe, where having nice layout software could make a difference?

Some RPG creators fundraised so they could give Affinity Publisher licenses to those who would otherwise have trouble affording them. Is that you?

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It’s the last day of black history month!!! If you like the art I make and the kind of stuff I gotta say, consider supporting a black creative on an ongoing basis by subscribing to my patreon or messaging me for a commission 🤍

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Good day, MastoArtians! :D

It's emojo time! :bob_ross: :louis_toots_too: :make_like_edmonia:

We'd like to add a few more custom emojos to our roster, and give you lovely creative people an opportunity to design your own and submit them ^.^

Criteria: 32x32px transparent PNG. It would be extra nice if they're creativity-themed, but that's not essential. Make them fun! :D

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Leelumz Moving Castle 🗣🗣🗣

I posted this for my patreon subscribers last week, I’ve been itching to show more ppl! What do y’all think?

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'Preserving Worlds is a documentary series about aging virtual worlds'

seeing cool photography advice is reminding me that one year + one week ago I thought "eh, i'll leave my SLR in the UK this one time because I guess I'm coming back in a month anyway"


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@Curator A general rule of thumb:

If you have a warm light, you have a cool shadow. The shadow can often be the complimentary colour of your light. And vice versa for both of these.

You have warm yellow sunlight? 💛 Try a cool, purple shadow! 💜

Cool, blueish light? 💙 Try a warmer, orangey shadow. 🧡

This isn't a hard and fast rule, but it can really help break out of the shadow=black idea and give more depth to your shading. ☺️

illustrated haiku CW for gore/food/cannibalism 

responsibly sourced
local jerk, dip snacks in clots
of enemy cake

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cherries 🍒
#pixelart #ドット絵

if you like my work, consider supporting my by buying me a coffee:

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the artist / the self-portrait (CW selfie w eye contact) 

this is going about on birdsite so its time to share a selfie and re-share my favourite self-portrait of late

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I'm a little bit obsessed with drawing acanthus leaves and still can't draw them as well as I'd like, but I keep practicing! Here are a few tutorials I've found that explain how to draw them: (this is a massive 386 page book from 1886 all about drawing acanthus and other ornaments!)

Happy acanthus-ing :D

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Hi everyone, it's August.
I am from Taiwan and I am studying English and looking for a job (commission?)
I used to stay in Art Alley, but the management here is more active so it is very attractive.
I often draw anime and pixel!

If my English is strange, please teach me! I still mostly use Google Translate.

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Here's your image of the day! Use it as sketching practice, reproduce it in your own style, incorporate it in something bigger, or just be inspired by it ^.^

Share your creations! <3


:mastoart: :bob_ross:

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