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apparently either belly button or girls kissing is sensitive content hmmm ok then mastodon

$15 dollar adopts! DM if intrested, RTs really appreciated!

good cactus boy for my desert art prompt, also based in the mh world...diablos would have fun

you guys this is the actual colors can you hear that?? it's my soul shattering

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hewwo! my name is vani and I mostly draw fanart, but I try my best to remember to draw my OCs every once in a while!

Mermaid I did during mermay this year. I challenged myself to draw something quick and this took me about 2 hours which is very fast for me! I rendered two different hues. I could never decide which I liked more πŸ˜…

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hey im mikko! im a small artist that likes to doodle every now and then! i specialize in bust shots, character (re)design and chibis, but im capable of other things as well!

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