@sai It looks and sounds great!

The enemies don't seem to react to being hit very much, making the attacks not look satisfying. Will there eventually be some sort of feedback? All the other animations are very effective <3

@eishiya Thank you very much for noticing that! It's definitely a problem.
Making combat feel satisfying is very important to me. One of the recent additions I've made is push-back mechanic. It improved the feedback, I think.
Another thing is, there's actually an animation, but it's so subtle and, I just checked, it's played with only 10% rate... I've implemented this awhile ago and got so used to it, that didn't notice the issue.
Thank you again for pointing this out!

@sai Yey, glad to help with a problem!
Knockback should help a lot. It's pretty hard to balance though (e.g. you probably don't want the player to stun-lock enemies, but you also don't want the effect to be too short or to only happen on the first hit in a series), so I wish you luck ;_;

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