you all seem to like void! just so you know, I usually draw him doing what people suggests me :D
what should void be doing? ♥

@sacharner I always love it when a little pigeon feather drifts through our screen door, and one of our cats sniffs it and it gets stuck to the end of their nose - maybe that? :D

@sacharner oh my !! Adorable black kitty named Void. Can I adopt him ???
He would be freaking cute trying to catch butterflies during their flight. My cat does that, it's both cute and extremely athletic haha

@zorumeart ahah of course you can🥰 I'll do it tomorrow then🙏

@sacharner What a cute little kitty 🥺
He could be climbing up a tree? Or ask to be let in at the door? My sister's (black) cat always does an expressive "dance" to catch everyone's attention 😁

@sacharner can void chase after a moving light in the shadow?

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