happy birthday kirby!♥
this little ball made me happier over the years, and I'm glad they exist 🌿 🥰

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@RandomDeadBird aw thank you so much!! I tend to pick my colors randomly, but bright cyan and orange is always a good combo🥰❤

@sacharner It really, really is! I have so much to say about every detail but I'll just say this, the cloudy, blue sky is so pretty I can almost feel the hot summer day, it's fascinating!

@RandomDeadBird you are so kind 🥺
I love summer and chill vibes, so I'm glad I could transcribe that well! Btw your comment made my night❤

@sacharner You transcribe those extremely well! You're welcome 😄 This is beyond my artistic comprehension, I'm just giving my genuine reaction at this point!

@sacharner This is incredibly sweet. Kirby looks like they're having their best life with Bandana Waddle Dee! You really captured how beautiful the opening area for the beach is in the game.

@Kaientist aw thank you so much! I really tried to put a chill feeling to it so I'm glad ahah🥰🙏

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