I had a lot to do last week and this week, and I hope I'll have more time to draw stuff I like ahah
sometimes school work is no fun

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Pencil sketch for a reproduction I need to do for school❤

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update : so one of my classmates who reported me to the director blocked me everywhere, an apparently made fun of my autism in my back :))

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Y'all remember the cool trick where trap your cat with a circle? It works for snoms too!

And yes, this is the ring fit adventure ring. You can't do any sports today or do you wanna risk waking up this smol creature?

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Sorry about my complains about my school life, it's make me really sad to not know what I should do except not talk in class at all.
I always try to make it accessible to people to critize me, and to talk to me about stuff I did, so I'm really not understanding why it happened that way :((

-that I was talking too much etc, that I was creating them anxiety and all.
So again, I said I was really sorry, that they didn't told me to not speak during class and that I couldn't have known that talking to the teachers was annoying and creating them anxiety.

But I don't know what I could have done.. they told me about 2 or 3 times to not talk, which I did, and they just went straight to the director's office instead of talking about it with me..

I am in the wrong?

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I really don't know what to do..

I was talking a bit more in class today, ans I laughed loudly. I really like this teacher and was enjoying the class very much.
But I received some messages today by some of my classmates who went to the director and complained about my attitude.
I said I was really sorry, that it wouldnt happened again.

But then, they juste continued to send messages, saying it's been months that they were angry at me-

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Some pokemon I drew this week! Gonna try to draw as many as I can this year, it makes me happy❤

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