been wanting to do this for a bit here's a custom design for sale!
price is in usd! DM or comment to claim! cross posted across twitter as well

will do a champion level as well for an additional cost for buyer as well!
[boosts = ❤️ ]

custom digimon design for myself because I been on a digimon kick lately and wanted to make one!!
presenting Lutramon, a new one to my ever expanding OC roster
will eventually be designing her champion - mega forms

[re-upload because i forgot to add a desc!!]

Followed everyone who posted so far! If I missed you out feel free to let me know!! Super happy to see so many fellow artists around!

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Just a lizard spy doing spy things.
Inteleon is growing on me super quickly so a fanart is needed to celebrate that 😂

Heyo! Looking for more artists to follow so feel free to reply in this thread and I will definitely follow back!
Still trying to get used to how this site works and I'm looking forward to see everybody's great artwork!!

u peeps follow my bestie @sidefury for the bestest most beautiful art ever uwu

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gmorning .art!! i do some occasionally over on twitch and was tired of using the default , so i made a set of my own a while ago lmao

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[the hisuian trio]
all three of them! i really like all of their designs so a fanart was needed asap

Incoming a bunch of Pokemon artwork but let's start with my favorite PLA starter, Samurott!

Heya! I'm new to this site! (Go easy on me hah!!)

If anyone else plays Coromon out there, I drew a picture of my final team! All ready for that future DLC!

Reupload cos I'm a fool and forgot to tag LOL


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