Also, I am considering doing the Carlations inktober prompts. She is one of my favs and I have never participated before.

I drew my Drow, her head and face at least. Her name is Mariposa - she is a Monk.

Alita: Battle Angel has some pretty cool graphics!

I was playing around with some of my paints - have you seen Plants on Pink on Instagram? I loved the theme of the greens and natural colors against the shades of pink - so I decided to try it.

I just realized I never posted what I put in my terrarium here - this was my from me to me birthday gift. She is a bold stripe leopard gecko. Her name is Rhiannon. She is about a month old.

Putting together a new terrarium! The plant I made with pieces of felt - not sure I will keep it.

I am having an art block. I sit down with my tablet and the inspiration is not hitting.

Thank you guys for suggesting the Mastodon iOS apps, I found one I really like to use.

The next steps - using spray foam filler to fill in gaps, and then use a dremel to cut and sand things down.

I'm ready to get this week over with. All month my brain has been split between keeping up with my current job and new job from home. And being a wife/parent.... It has been exhausting! This is my last ween at my current job, ready to say goodbye and focus on Art and my new one.

After months of being sold out - I finally was able to get my kiddo a huge pack of sidewalk chalk. He is super into Godzilla stuff and wanted me to try to draw Mothra. He drew Destroyah and Godzilla.

Is there a good Mastodon app to use for Apple IPads?

this is all i know about wrestling, and honestly, i feel it is all i need to know

Yesterday, I got to go and see my new classroom. Brand new kiln, never been used, tons of supplies, matte cutter for my art showcases, brand new gelli plates...... I'm super excited but also super overwhelmed.

So my goal is to have a Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa Sapperstien gif for every occasion to constantly annoy my husband with.

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