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Finished up this little guy for ArtOrder's Tiny Dragons call for art. Tried hard to keep the value structure strong and intact this time around. 8x8", created with my usual mess of colored pencil, ink, watercolor, and a little bit of gouache on hotpress watercolor paper

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And WOW HELLO, loads of new folks here since the last time I checked in! I'm Katie/Rowkey, hopping around the US and trying to find my place in the illustration world- currently doing a mixed bag of freelance work and convention dealing. Around here you'll probably see me yelling about mushrooms, cemeteries, orcs, and fountain pen inks. 👍

Out in the woods with a pal, got a painting done! Returning to Missouri tomorrow for...strangely comparable chilly weather

And some New Hampshire for good measure! So, so pretty out here.

Have been in the mountains, and the phone has hated that very much. Wifi for a second, so here's a few photos! Adirondacks

... don't make day 1 of the first time you try rendering a jackfruit

Here's a hornbill merchant! :D

I'll be travelling quite a bit for the first half of October, so we'll see how long I can keep up the pace. Perhaps mid-month I'll use ballpoint instead of liquid ink, something like that.

Speaking of ! Made myself a spreadsheet-based prompt generator and figured I’d share. :D

Go to File>Make a Copy to use the (not quite functional) randomizer and customize the lists, if you like. The list of animals is biased toward smaller critters and birds, but I tried to cover as much ground as possible. Have fun!

AGhhh wow, hello all! One day I'll crack the code of how to be busy -and- maintain an internet presence, promise. I'm trying to compile some info about the art fair I took part in and get some info about that up over the next few days (...I made panels too big for my moderately-sized car, for one thing). Inktober starts tomorrow. Wowwow

Should mention I tend to use Evernote as more of a filing cabinet than for true note-taking. Eg, 'this particular business receipt with these tags go here' and 'this wikipedia entry I ganked for no reason goes here'

What kind of digital note-taking systems do you all use nowadays? I've been using a combo of Keep and Evernote for a bit, but I keep hearing whispers of OneNote being 'the best'.

Next step: trip to the hardware store to gather supplies for PANEL CONSTRUCTION! If the process goes well I'll share some photos with everyone. :'D

Things are kicking into high gear for my first pop-up/craft-fair/art-show...thing in a few weeks. The amount of money I've sunk into this is, frankly, horrifying, but the foundation for future shows is HERE now. 😬

dead on the couch (again) with uterus/back pain, but it's 65 degrees and calm rain outside: can't ask for more than that!

Got quite a lot done today! Now debating tipsy-playing either Caves of Qud or Rimworld. ooo

These are graphite pieces from a few years ago, still very fond of them. Peregrine falcon, northern harrier, and red-tailed hawk, smiling a little.

Found my watercolor book with stuff from back in May, in Minnesota. Gloomy, lovely! This is watercolor, a smidge of colored pencil, and ink (I think Cacao du Bresil if we're bein' fancy)

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Here's a very mom-tier notebook page prepped for next month while I get my brain back in order. Just a teeny little habit tracker and a partridge pea (cute lil legume that blooms around here in September)

Inksss. These are some samples I had sitting around and wanted to make sure I had written examples of. Motor Oil keeps stealing my heart, might have to track that one down. :>

Did a quick census of the dubia roaches and, including mine and the gecko's, there are approximately 518 legs in my room right now. 👢👢👢

Got a new mug from my favorite local ceramic artist (who, alas, has no online presence) and had to take a few glam shots of it next to an older piece of his. Mugs are magical, dammit

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