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Finished up this little guy for ArtOrder's Tiny Dragons call for art. Tried hard to keep the value structure strong and intact this time around. 8x8", created with my usual mess of colored pencil, ink, watercolor, and a little bit of gouache on hotpress watercolor paper

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And WOW HELLO, loads of new folks here since the last time I checked in! I'm Katie/Rowkey, hopping around the US and trying to find my place in the illustration world- currently doing a mixed bag of freelance work and convention dealing. Around here you'll probably see me yelling about mushrooms, cemeteries, orcs, and fountain pen inks. 👍

gods Masto, I'm so sorry ;__; The internet is stretched so tightly over all of our brains these days, and I wish I had more time to post/contribute here.

sat in a chair for TOO LONG playing minecraft of all things. I feel like some sort of barnacle. :^(

Huhuhu, found some cheap cardstock squares in wacky colors...time to play around with em tomorrow.

You can tell you've been away from figure drawing for too long when a real person's back looks...under-muscled. I'm so used to silly fantasy/scifi musculature at the moment

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And this is a horrendous photo but I'm trying to get Back On My Bullshit, as they say. Spring is coming! Green! Plants!

Super spontaneously found a life drawing session downtown yesterday evening and it felt so good to stretch those art muscles again. I don't think I've rendered/painted human skin in YEARS, honestly?!

Er, uh, job didn't work out, so back to art! Doodlezone tonight.

Hoogh been a big bundle of nerves for the past two weeks regarding icy commutes. Hopefully I'll be able to make some art soon.

Lil badge completed at the con- the commissioner and I had a delightful conversation regarding his work with Californian archeology/biology and how he wanted CA-specific species (CA newt and blue oak). Love love LOVE bringing stuff like this to life!

Back from a convention! Family let the roaches dry out a bit while I was gone, so i filled their little water dish and they gathered around like so many tiny antelope

A few months ago I made ink out of the hulls of the black walnut trees out back- had been meaning to try it for years! A few monster blobs with a Brause 66ef nib (which felt really, really nice to use)

I went all quiet again, -this- time because I took on full time work outside the art industry and the training/etc has been taking up a lot of time. Ever crossing my fingers that this will work out and provide peace of mind.

It's the same as my late 90's Toyota and elderly ipod nano. gonna have to FACE THE MODERN WORLD when all of this stuff finally kicks the bucket

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There are people posting art on the internet right now who are younger than my Intuos III (I genuinely have NO clue how this thing has lasted so long. It's survived me-as-a-teenager, college, my entire freelance career...I've only changed the nib out twice. wtf)

names I gotta use in dnd at some point:
- Richard Pritchard
- Jazz Breadbraider
- Linsey Woolsey
- Icty Stonecat
- Goss(amer) Gilt

"I wasn't expecting that."

Christmas turtle for all of you! Have a good one. :D

inally posting this here- ‘King of Trametes’, a fungi-mimic dragon created for issue 9 of 3DTotal’s GRAPHITE magazine. Alongside it, I wrote an in-depth article regarding my process and supplies! :D

Time to make a few catch-up posts, with actual art in 'em! Inktober lasted about ten days for me (as usual ✌️ ), but here are two of my favorites: "Hornbill Merchant" and "Civet Sailor"

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