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roh, anxiety orc @roh

My android app "What to Draw?", an app that generates ideas and suggestions for artists to draw, have reached more than half a million downloads <3 with a 4.6/5 rate

tbh, it was one of the first projects i coded, so it'is a big hot mess behind the curtain, but it does work

Also i remember almost anything about the code, it is hidden in the void of some folders, and i don't care XD

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I need to practice more and have been looking for resources online and have been pretty disappointed!

I'll give it a shot! ๐Ÿ˜€

@slagathor oh my, now i feel anxious, hahahahhaha

@roh don't be. I'm probably in no position to judge. I am sure it will be helpful


maybe i wasn't clear - I want to practice drawing different poses and shapes and objects but run out of ideas. and then google images is a blank prompt, which just limits me I think.

your app sounds like a great idea ๐Ÿ˜…

@roh Itโ€™s pretty damn amazing. Between that and the Reckless Deck, I never have an excuse to not draw something.

@lilith didn't know about this Reckless deck. Reading about it, seems interesting ^^

@Dragonlaurita i want 50 drawings on my table by tomorrow!!! hahahaha

@roh It still blows my mind you worked on this app, because Google Play has been recommending it to me for mooonths :D

@dona yey, glad google is making me some money XDD