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Hello folks! my name is ROH around the interwebs. I'm brazilian, queer, and i like gay monsters (orcs).

Former graphic designer, current game dev. I like to create stuff in all sorts of media.

also like: ttrpg, true crime, hip-hop, glitch art, math, communication theory, comics, indie-rock, maximalism, erotic art, skill trees, wine, human geography, video-game lore, etc.

find me here:

what are (if any) the art/illustration instances where i can post general art, but also art as a public post (i don't mind using CW)?


ex-friend (i have my reasons) keeps trying to get back into my life through engaging with posts of mine (and of my bf) on social media and is making me *arrrrhghghg*

facebook is not safe, instagram is not safe, whatzap is not safe, now they're on fucking twitter, try-ing-to-en-ga-ge. and they come on too strong with these attempts, is cringy, to say the least.


@roh the AVEN wiki has more or less documented every single mention of asexuality in the media up through 2014, i’ve never looked specifically for discussion in relation to videogames, but theres likely an article or two:

A (straight) friend of mine is making a game where a part of the story is a metaphor for relationships between queer ppl.

He came to seek me for advice and I thought it was cute. Although I'm a bit insecure of my take and advice for his game. I hope queer gamers don't hate his game after I said "it seems alright with me" XD

Hey, Folks!

do you know any cool articles (or even books) about:

- Usage of queer symbols in media (points for games)

- Articles about queer representation in media
(many points fs is about games)
(points for "lgbtq people don't need a reason to exist in games, they just exist")
(and a little plus for representations other than relationships)

Is for my final college project

also, please boost if you can so more ppl can help =D, thank you!

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