images a burning world. well, fitting in double sense: too hot and still burning fossil fuels.

from the incorrect quotes generator, a little break from some of the more serious comic work lately


A reminder that Mastodon and the Fediverse do NOT use cryptocurrency, blockchains, NFTs, tokens, coins, mining, web3 or anything like that.

Masto and the Fedi run on traditional servers and use a sustainable network federation model somewhat similar to e-mail (that's why Fediverse addresses look similar to e-mail addresses).

Also a reminder there are no venture capital firms or other investors either. No one owns the network, each server is independent. Masto and Fedi server running costs are paid by their owners, sometimes with donations from users.

No one is getting rich from the Fediverse, it is all volunteers with some getting donations and a few getting modest grants from foundations. Please remember this when you interact with admins or developers.

(There might be some individual users who post about cryptocurrency/blockchain, but the infrastructure this place runs on doesn't use it at all.)

Tl:dr - Decentralisation does NOT mean cryptocurrency/blockchain


Today I picked up my fired pieces and... 🥁🥁🥁🥁 

...4 pieces turned out ugly (won't show them).

The may like them.

scrunklies !! im working on a few pics that pop up in vestigial n honestly i have to post them i love them

When I was in my teens I dreamt of being a concept artist and made so many designs. I never went through with it, cause life. I still hold that dream though and I hope I might one day prove my worth as one. I miss that wild imagination, so in that spirit I revisited and remade one of my many sci-fi designs: an alien predator living in an ecosystem of miles high lillypad like forests. I think I made the original one when I was 13 or 14. Captions for more info.

You’re finally awake
And then you find this cat staring at you
What would you do?
Cw: eye contact, body horror

Front and back of the 'Judgement' Major Arcana card for the upcoming Chromatic Fates tarot

Details from my art for 'Redford Hollow', a mysterious setting in the 'Far Horizons Guide to Cults', a new ttrpg book with loads of interesting places and spooky things to use in your games! My art for this one was based on old woodblock prints, fun to use scratchy lines and limited colour. Here we see the mysterious ' Velvet Princes'...

Check it out here-

i got a jacket to turn into this design and i still havent done it a year later so 😀

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im back at school but im thinking abt bringing back this old jacket idea ? idk yet tho i am just fucking around

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