Favourite gouache (acrylic)

Favourite gouache (trad)
write in any others you like

Was happy with this one until the masking tape tore up most of the white border. Absolute crap stuff, I hate it.

I saw this in my stream on another account and thought “oh that looks good” before I remembered I did it

Ink, watercolours and white gel pen. Still chasing that Chris Foss dragon

Starting to get my eye in for what sort of scale works for me

Only posting the line drawing because I messed up the colour stage

Just showing off the Jackson’s watercolour pan really. Highly highly recommended inexpensive professional grade colours, made by Sennelier

Does anyone know why it’s almost impossible to find a single-pigment red-biased blue like ultramarine in acrylic inks? Liquitex has blue AND yellow biased phthalocyanine greens but only green-biased phthalocyanine blue. Too many multi-pigment colours in general

Getting into watercolours. I got a set of Jackson’s house brand in a half-pan set (apparently actually made by one of the top French paint manufacturers, Sennelier) and enjoying it a lot

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