I bought a painting knife today. Expect great things. Or pointy things, not sure

Skragrott the Loonking. Not my best work but the freehand was fun and the attendant squigs are little darlings.

Airbrushed background, mix of airbrush and brush in the foreground

painting with Kimera Kolors so I’m actually having to mix my own hues.

From CMON’s “rum and bones” game, which I will play once I’ve painted the dozens of minis it came with mastodon.art/media/zDDc122uJej

So the cataract surgery was a success. WIP for my partner’s birthday. Uh don’t tell her! mastodon.art/media/eyrziUzJ6qL

Hey all, hope to start posting more soon after my eye surgery (fingers crossed) happens next week (fingers double crossed and then once more)

Also does anyone have thoughts about airbrushes?

Probably chose too many light colours for this kind of shading to fully work. I’ve seen recommendations to use brown to white instead of black to white mastodon.art/media/mIE6jmiSIxK

“Zenithal“ shading with white and black spray cans is fun but it’s not making holding off getting an airbrush to next year any easier mastodon.art/media/ahQgBIw6j-Y

If Australia Post comes through for me tomorrow I'll be painting with my first ever kolinsky sable brush on the weekend.

My electric ukulele and cookie tin amplifier. I built these years ago, but don't play with them much now.

They work well enough, but I have an urge to take them to bits and um, 'refine' them a little.

Another hobby I drifted away from many years ago is 3D rendering. I suppose I should see if my copy of Cheetah3D still runs

From the Rum & Bones box set. Relearning techniques I forgot 20 years ago.

War wounds (aka I really need to be smarter about how I spray my minis)


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