After a stint playing with oils, boy it’s hard going back to acrylics. Every brush stroke is a fight, even if I try every combination of flow improvers and mediums under the sun

A larger-scale study of an earlier gouache work. This time a mix of airbrushed high flow acrylics and a more painterly application of Turner japanesque acryl gouache

This is a small piece in gouache that was inspired, for want of a better word, by the bushfires.

Hey folks, I’m still searching for a medium so I’m giving oils a go. Quite a learning curve, if just because the paint gets everywhere

Gouache practice. This is the kind of subject matter that lends itself to a detailed under drawing but I really can’t yet control my impatience to get to the painting stage. Got to work on that

Favourite gouache (acrylic)

Favourite gouache (trad)
write in any others you like

Was happy with this one until the masking tape tore up most of the white border. Absolute crap stuff, I hate it.

I saw this in my stream on another account and thought “oh that looks good” before I remembered I did it

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