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Still working on this thing when I can find time for it!

Sure, she's just a tool. Built to serve a function. But there's never an excuse to not look interesting.
It's hard to tell where the metals end and skin begins. Even to the touch, her flesh is unusually cold, smooth. She still looks dull, most of the time, but most of the time is when she's not being watched. When she's working -- when her work takes her -- the metals take on a lustre and a shine, a warmth, that draws the eye and excites the spirit.

The sentence 'Toots will be toots' is a tootology

I'll show myself out...

blood, gore, implied sennibalism/cannibalism 

More progress on that thing I'm working on, I have progressed it into A Mess

Some WTFolklore fanart! This is John the Bear - He is Very Naughty and Very Strong

WTFolklore is thisaways:

Tii ulman se tavia a seiket
/tjɪ ‘ʌlmɐn sɛ tɐvi’ɐ ɐ sɛɪ’kɛt/

“Do you want food?”

This is an icon I made for my conlang tumblr, which is

It stylises "teket" (a race of lizard people, who speak teket lau) into a face

blood, cartoon gore 

Vetch in full bloom (the purple flowers; not sure what the yellow ones are, actually!) spotted alongside the ATT heading away from Costco towards the I85 tunnel.

I don't think I'd ever seen such a resplendent display from a patch of vetch before! :D


Preliminary sketch for the next big, involved picture I'll be working on!

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