Something About a House – IV: Static
First Previous   Katters expected the house to be different, somehow, by the time they got back. Sucked into a hell dimension, maybe. Inexplicably replaced with several acres of untended cemetery. De-glamoured and revealed as the burnt husk it truly was. There would be a groundskeeper nearby, or a gas-station attendant, or a transient hobo.…[...]

Feedback for this chapter:
"Easily, far and away my favorite piece from you"
"Fantastic! Beautifully written"
"Ahhhhhhhh! So scared!"

If you're looking for something spooky to settle in with on these cold, November nights, try Something About a House! First chapter here:

The site went down last night just after this went up, so if you missed your chance to read it then, give it another shot now!


@roastrabbit I totally saw & read & forgot to comment on it!

Probly will forget again too >.>

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