Ruined pumpkin
Flocks abound
Swooping, lighting on the ground

Hop hop, caw

Field below
Circle high
Gliding here from tree to sky


Laughing, playing
Walking backward
Safety in the flock of blackbirds

Strut strut, hop

Rotate, migrate
Finding shade
And bugs and seeds between the blades

Peck peck strut


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Back, then forth
And over hill
A cloud of birds dancing quadrille

Caw caw caw

One by one
They leave; and see:
This crow left unaccompanied


A solemn strut
A careful walk
Still proud, it calls a hardy squawk

Strut, hop, fly

Then lights away
On inky wing
Leaving pumpkin seeds and field green

Swoop, fly, glide

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