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Hi! I draw things! Mostly lizard people, and plants.

I also draw things for money! You can make me draw things that aren't lizard people, or plants!

Price starts at $20. Less if you let me cut off their legs, more if you make me add a setting or extra people. I'll also do sketches for a dollar a pop.

Send me a message or see my patreon for details

I got commissioned to draw some cathats! Look how cute they are!


Resistor: High School, Low Life, #PbtA, #cyberpunk game.
Angry teens with brain computers, fight the system, try to change the world , & figure out who they are by what they hate in the near future San Angeles megacity.

Msg or email

I was hired by @LawOfNames to do some art for her upcoming RPG, Resistor! It's cyberpunk and very cool.

You should go check that out!

And when you're done with that, remember that you, too, can hire me to do things!

Matuvhika! A teenage ket with mixed ancestry. She's also a total folklore and history nerd.

"It's not that he's an insufferable narcissist with a napoleon complex, it's just statistically likely that everyone he's mad at is also going to be taller than him."

"Like a set of ginsu knives crossed with a snake and a stretch armstrong, then doused in several gallons of inner turmoil and insecurity"

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I did a "badly describe an OC" meme over on twitter, and sketched up the characters I was describing while I was at it.

"Some kind of lanky goblin-man, always smoking, drinking, sticking his nose into other people's business"

"Violent lizard-person, with hair. Hell, why don't we double-down on that nonsense and give her whiskers, too."

Surprise! Hams!

Someone wanted to know what was hidden in the serving tray. It's more Hams!

Hams still belongs to @spoonfayse

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I have a functional tablet again! I can draw without having to fight against my equipment every step of the way!

So You Want to Fight…
Katters: Fight Katters if you're ready for a committment. She'll never admit defeat. She'll admit victory, but then she'll be back for the sequel because you pissed her off. Zebra: Do it. You might win if you go for his face, but even if you don't win you'll be doing everyone a favour. Brutus: Sure,…[...]

Feedback for this chapter:
"Easily, far and away my favorite piece from you"
"Fantastic! Beautifully written"
"Ahhhhhhhh! So scared!"

If you're looking for something spooky to settle in with on these cold, November nights, try Something About a House! First chapter here:

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Something About a House – IV: Static
First Previous   Katters expected the house to be different, somehow, by the time they got back. Sucked into a hell dimension, maybe. Inexplicably replaced with several acres of untended cemetery. De-glamoured and revealed as the burnt husk it truly was. There would be a groundskeeper nearby, or a gas-station attendant, or a transient hobo.…[...]

Finally got the commentary for Russian Roulette finished! Patrons can read my thoughts about the story for $7, and of course the story sans-commentary is available to everyone for absolutely free!

a monster that looks rather like a penis 

For fun, here's a version I did with a different colour scheme, which I love, but is honestly kind of hard to look at. I figured they probably didn't want a cover that causes eye-strain.

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a monster that looks rather like a penis 

I was hired to do the cover for it! One of the editors asked for a lamprey penis, so that's what I gave them.


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a monster that looks rather like a penis; various other body parts and fluids, including blood and feces 

The second issue of Underbelly is out today! Read it for free here:

I haven't read it, yet, but content warnings apply -- like, all of them, probably? It's a splatterpunk/horror zine.


Back, then forth
And over hill
A cloud of birds dancing quadrille

Caw caw caw

One by one
They leave; and see:
This crow left unaccompanied


A solemn strut
A careful walk
Still proud, it calls a hardy squawk

Strut, hop, fly

Then lights away
On inky wing
Leaving pumpkin seeds and field green

Swoop, fly, glide

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Ruined pumpkin
Flocks abound
Swooping, lighting on the ground

Hop hop, caw

Field below
Circle high
Gliding here from tree to sky


Laughing, playing
Walking backward
Safety in the flock of blackbirds

Strut strut, hop

Rotate, migrate
Finding shade
And bugs and seeds between the blades

Peck peck strut


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