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hello! I too just moved over here from, so I guess here’s round 2😅

my name is fiona (she/her), I’m a 20 year old artist from sydney, aus, & I’m currently studying fine arts majoring in painting and drawing!

I love painting in oils and gouache, but I also love print making, embroidery and sketchbooking, and I play with polymer clay sometimes - and I’ve got a shop for my art prints, stickers and hand printed shirts & totes ✨

keen to make some new pals on here 💕

Hi friends! I’m live on Twitch right now, chillin and doin my painting homework. Come say hi! Http://

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slowly getting around to sharing what I made at uni last term! this is the first painting (1/3) of a body of work titled 'ecdysis'

oil and acrylic yarn on wood panel and canvas, 25 x 25cm

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friends! I made my own alternative prompt list last year and it was so fun so I've gone and done it again - I've tried to make it fairly neutral/have no theme ☺️

Anybody is welcome to join me! You can use any medium, do as many as you like, you can even combine the prompts if you want to!

If you join in and choose to post, you can tag me and (you don't have to do this - I just like to see them 💜)
Feel free to repost these anywhere!

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Here is the finished portrait of @luricaun - hidden bc eye contact. I also added a version where I flipped the green channel back, and one where I then desaturated the result. Because it totally works and is awesome!

never really published any digital art before since I usually just use photoshop to make references/mock ups, but I actually really like this? not sure if I’ll post this anywhere else, but sharing here coz I’m excited!

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also!! another update since i've been gone from here for a while; if any of ya'll are into Twitch, I've started streaming my traditional art on there! i'm having lots of fun doing mostly painting streams! come say hi next time i'm live, i'd love to hang with some mastodon pals 💕💕💕

hellooo friends! I'm trying to do the youtube thing more, and i just uploaded my first video in 6 months (lol). Its a "studio vlog"/art school type video, would love for you to check it out if that kinda thing is ur jam!

I'm currently in lockdown in sydney, australia... and i put way more effort into editing this than i'd like to admit lmao so i hope u like <3

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hello mastodon I'm back I missed u I have art to post now

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gouache portrait of FKA Twigs from the music video for "Home With You" (for my 2020 prompt "home")

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