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hello! I too just moved over here from, so I guess here’s round 2😅

my name is fiona (she/her), I’m a 20 year old artist from sydney, aus, & I’m currently studying fine arts majoring in painting and drawing!

I love painting in oils and gouache, but I also love print making, embroidery and sketchbooking, and I play with polymer clay sometimes - and I’ve got a shop for my art prints, stickers and hand printed shirts & totes ✨

keen to make some new pals on here 💕

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gouache portrait of FKA Twigs from the music video for "Home With You" (for my 2020 prompt "home")

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I still have a bunch of little gouache paintings from my last year that I haven't shared here yet, so I'm going to keep posting some of my favourites here and there 💕 This one was for my prompt , for day 14!

lots of new friends here recently (?!), so just popping in to say hello! I am still alive and 🎨 here’s a little peek at what I’m currently working on for uni ☺️

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Some of my illustrations from about a yearish after I graduated art school. Although I had some great profs, I feel like I grew the most when I started working on things at my own pace.

CW: Substances/mental health

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Hi all, I'm new so here's my / .

I'm a 26 year old who specializes in digital and . I like drawing weird plants and environments. I tend to spend hours painting the same details over and over again with tiny brushes.

The creative world can be pretty tough so I'm looking forward to hanging out with you all and helping each other survive/grow.

Sorry about the redraft, I noticed a sentence error and it bothered me.

i need to follow more multimedia artists where are ya'll 😭

final one of this series! spent way too long on these but really happy with how they all turned out. This is Rosie, oil on wood panel with resin finish, 30 x 40cm ✨

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“Old house in Shnipishkes”, work for virtual plein-air with Anastasia Bereza and a group of artists on FB. Soft pastels on paper, 35 x 38 cm.
“Старый дом в Шнипишкесе”, работа для виртуального пленэра с Анастасия Береза
и группой художников в ФБ. Пастель, бумага, 35 х 38 см, 2021.

the most detailed and time consuming of my paintings in this series (and probably in general), this one definitely gave me a headache😅

Stuart, oil on wood panel with resin finish, 30 x40cm


hey friends, I’ve been gone for a while but I’m back and finally posting the finished pieces of this series. I think these are my favourite paintings I’ve ever made 🥺

This is Sophie, oil on wood panel with resin finish, 30 x 40cm 💖

I’ve also just uploaded a video all about my process with these pieces & coating them in resin, if you’d like to check that out!

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Figure in wisps of black gel on metallic silver paper. Naked back.

partial nudity in art / nipple piercing 

from my inktober prompt "lace" 🎀 done in gouache (self ref)

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