Another Spell animation I did for the game Duelyst. Sadly, Duelyst is not online anymore, but there is a community effort to revive it.

@risu_ika It definitely have some of the best pixel art that I've ever seen, especially in terms of FXs and animation.

Good job on it!

@nico_n thank you! Yes, there were loads of experienced artists involved with it.

@risu_ika I'm loving your spells animations! It's something I would have enjoyed a lot to see in a game 😍😍

@FionaGarcia They are from the game "Duelyst". The game is sadly no longer available, but there is an effort by fans to bring it back, which has the original developers blessing.

@risu_ika That game had excellent pixel art. A great animation you did here as wel.

Sad that the game didn't gain traction long-term. However I'm glad to see it live on at least in form of memorable art.

@metadragon The fans are working to bring it back in a playable form. Will take some more time, as they are reprogramming it from scratch, but eventually it will be back.

@risu_ika I used to *love* Duelyst! That's so cool that you worked on it, it's visual style was one of the main things that got me to play it!

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