Sketch I may or may not finish based on a pic I found floating around while looking for wimple references for a friend's DnD character. Tieflings are kind of perfect at rocking this look.

Not totally sure, but I BELIEVE the original hat was made by

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@micahdraws Yeah I made eye contact with that pic and was IMMEDIATELY like "*SLAMS HANDS ON TABLE* A TIEFLING MUST BE DRAWN", hahaha. Soooo immediately.

@rinvenieris VEILED HORN TIEFLINGS ARE SUCH A GREAT THING! I love the way you think!

@micahdraws Aww, thank you. ❤️ I am pretty pleased with the idea, I want like ALL the veiled horns now. It is entirely possible this is the birth of my next player character.

@rinvenieris Now I'm imagining a tiefling religious order that wears miters over their horns. Huge wild over the top miters

@micahdraws I meannnn, I wouldn't DISCOURAGE that, personally . . .

@rinvenieris I forgot what tieflings are so it took me a bit to notice the horns BUT THAT IS SO COOL. Why is that not the canonical standard headgear.

Also dat brow :D

@eishiya Yeah um I love it so much?? The most?? I guess tieflings don't necessarily have a central culture/traditional dress from what I understand of them, but I don't care, I am ride or die for this look now, this look is the LOOK now.

@rinvenieris Someone needs to spam WotC with your art, once there's more of it 8]
I know some tieflings have horns not conducive to this look though... uh... declare them all non-canon, yes.

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