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Commissions are open! Anything unlisted is priced on a case-by-case basis; feel free to message me for a quote!

Payment will be accepted through PayPal, up-front and in USD. All prices are intended for non-commercial use. Barring especially complicated pieces, turnaround should be within a couple of days.

If interested, please email at rin.venieris @

Some old characters of a friend and mine's that are still near and dear to my heart.

My bro alchykiller's girl Fakhriyya. I'm on a "draw other people's OCs" kick, so obviously I had to do one of his.

I'm trying to work on my color palettes lately, and what better to practice on than soft DnD?

My half of an art trade with @macbeth, their OC Natalia who is pink and a mermaid and really that was all I needed to hear.

EZombieArt's girl Madeha. I was literally juuuust thinking about drawing her when I saw she had posted a "draw this in your style" with her so clearly it was A Sign.

Wasn't fully satisfied with that selfie from the other day. Portraiture is hard enough when it's not SELF-portraiture.

I know it's only been five minutes but I'm still really into these designs.

That feel when you really wanna draw today but probably aren't gonna have time to draw today. 😩

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I just lost both
A) my comic book contract
B) my part time job

If you like my art and want a custom piece, or just wanna help by boosting this, let me know!

#mastoart #DigitalArt #commissions #pinned #fantasy #dungeonsanddragons

I worked on comic pages today so I rewarded myself with drawing people from someone ELSE'S comic.

all flatted! now I just gotta find the willpower to color all those details properly lolsob.

Do you ever scroll down your feed and suddenly get hit with the overwhelming urge to draw someone else's very cute OCs?

Relatedly, these ladies belong to @nyxalwitch.

Well I said I'd draw more EGS, so I did the faves. I stan one(1) alien squirrel and her genderfluid bae.

I reread a not insignificant chunk of El Goonish Shive last night so this maaaay not be the only EGS thing I draw today. ngl, I miss Diane's old outfit (so of course I drew as little of it as possible lol).

art tips 101: don't ink every damn leaf on the bush, RIN.

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