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Commissions are open! Anything unlisted is priced on a case-by-case basis; feel free to message me for a quote!

Payment will be accepted through PayPal, up-front and in USD. All prices are intended for non-commercial use. Barring especially complicated pieces, turnaround should be within a couple of days.

If interested, please email at rin.venieris @

Group shots are hard and proportions are harder, but I did my best. Made some definite mistakes, but I actually got everyone on one canvas this time, go me!

Look, I don't like drawing pants, that's a thing we all know by now. My DM gave me permission to sub out feral tiefling wings with a prehensile tail and I am going to take SO MUCH advantage of that fact.

I'm also probably being WAY too paranoid marking this as sensitive content but ohhh well, paranoid I will be.

Battle mode! On Sunday we have a test play session, so that means we're all gonna die, haha.

I decided I should draw something more involved than usual and this is what happened, whoops?

Why would I work on any of my current WIPs when I could start something new and terrifically complicated instead?

Kazimir has an old deck of tarot cards in a music box but no idea how to actually read tarot aside from vague concepts of what some of the cards mean. He also has a habit of drawing cards to buy time when asked questions he doesn't know how to answer.

Drawing from reference is hard and never turns out quiiiite how I want it to, I just gotta keep reminding myself it's like eating your veggies.

Some anatomy issues here, but I like it anyway. Anyway, I post just about everything I draw, issues or no, because otherwise I'd never let myself post anything, haha.

Updated version of SIL's character, because tattoos! Not sure I like them yet, but first drafts are first drafts.

Today I didn't really feel like drawing backgrounds (or much in the way of clothes, tbh). That tail's still really inconsistent, but I'll get it figured out one of these days.

I drew everyone else so I did a lil' doodle of our capricious god too (aka our DM). She has a particular evil cackle she likes to use when we talk about DnD. It's . . . it's a lot, haha.

I was going to stop drawing but this happened instead, whoops. The sibs' and my DnD characters, probably up to no good.

Annnnd the last of the roster, my brother-in-law's somewhat tarnished paladin. I cannot BELIEVE I managed to draw all seven of us in a timely fashion, hahaha.

Updated version of my sister's new PC; bit brighter on the wings this time around. She's gonna look choice zooping around on those.

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