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I've started a Patreon, which will have comic previews and behind-the-scenes stuff. Please check it out!

Updated most of these, so have a repost with the new versions (full list through the link). I think I might call this project done for now, but we'll just have to see.

Only five chapters into this book because I take forever to read anything these days, but I'm really enjoying it and I couldn't resist drawing a little something for it, so here's our illustrious heroes' first meeting.

Posted my current collection of daily-drawing DnD tokens all together on a public Patreon post now that I'm up to a nice even ten, for anyone who wants to check them all out at once.

Daily drawing: human cleric + spiritual weapon. I picked the sickles for this one because I have literally never played with anyone who used them but they're very Aesthetic(tm). Also I don't care WHAT the rules say, a sickle should do WAY more damage than a d4.

Daily drawing: tabaxi paladin. I think I'm sticking with the heavier line weight, at least for now. Not sure if I'm gonna redo the old ones or not yet, though.

Daily drawing: centaur druid. I'm thinking I might need to do these with heavier lines, honestly, keep myself from getting too detailed. Which is hilarious, since one of my usual problems is not getting detailed ENOUGH.

Daily drawing: aasimar bard token. I like this one a lot, I think she's one of the better ones I've done so far.

Lil' bit more of that dieselpunk DnD. Belladonna has a new weapon and that weapon is a sledgehammer.

Haven't done Cutie Saturday in a while so have a drow barbarian token. Well tbh I would've drawn her anyway, haha.

Daily drawing: a firbolg warlock. Got a little too detailed for a token again, I think, but practice makes perfect and all.

I don't think I like this design yet, it needs some work, but here's my daily drawing/token practice.

Little bit more token practice: elf monk! Might need some adjusting still but I like it so far.

Gonna try and draw every day for a while, so here's a try at a tiefling rogue token. No character in particular this time, I just wanna draw more tokens.

Number two of the Thieves' Guild party, my nameless firbolg, who you guys may remember me already drawing a bunch of, haha. One party member to go!

Was overcome with a powerful urge to draw my fave from cubewatermelon's Sleepless Domain, my current favorite webcomic. Really happy with how this one came out, it flowed really well for me. ♥️

Working on drawing the PCs from that OTHER new DnD game I've joined: here be PowderRune's plundercat, Zephaniah.

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