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I've started a Patreon, which will have comic previews and behind-the-scenes stuff. Please check it out!

My isn't really a proper outfit but I was still in a self-portrait mood so I drew it anyway. 🤷

Watching old Let's Plays as is my wont, and I found myself really wanting to draw Cala Maria. I love her!

It's Theria! I haven't drawn her very much, but I also haven't gotten to play her very much so it probably balances out there.

It's the boys! Covers are a special kind of exhausting for me, but I'm pretty happy with how this one's coming out.

implied nudity 

implied nudity 

I drew these two again in lieu of writing the DnD session I'm running on Sunday, whoops? I should really get on that but in my defense, they cute.

Woke up very early today and drew popyfriendbr over on Twitter's "draw this in your style" cactus girl. She was fun, I'm pleased with how she came out!

Currently in the VERY rough stages of Quinn and Lysander's comic. Twelve pages sure is feeling like a lot to draw right now, hah.

Some ladies of unknown loyalties. When I don't know what to draw I tend to default to some manner of DnD.

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