We are all vital specs of invisible nonsense orbs on the scale of the cosmos. Let there be dragons among them.

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A collection of stories about cats is a nyanthology.

My favorite Mastodon feature is that no sneps are allowed.

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tired: container orchestration

wired: circus orchestration

banned from the furry con for trying to suplex juggalo prime

"I just flew in from Chicago and boy are my arms tired!" - bird furries referring to the CPU in their phone after returning from MFF

Undiscovered Poems was my favorite Star Trek. #MBMBaM

I have never made a post online. I would never. *my closet bursts open and tens of thousands of low effort posts from 20+ years fall out*

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Battery just died on me (from 50% to shutdown without notice), so now I have to run it on AC power.

Sure would be nice if I could put $30 toward a new computer that meets my needs rather than into a new battery for one that barely works for me. :blobshrug:




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