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well i think i'm at a good point with this hairstyle, need to add flyaways

And with the head the lowpoly bakes are done, now I need to figure out if I want to tackle hair, eyelashes, cloth trimming or bringing the whole thing in Unreal Engine, because all of those options fill me with dread

I always loved how head UVs perpetually look like they had enough of your shit

well finished retopoing the body and the clothing, time to get started on the clothing and the shoes

idk if I wanna steal the Metahuman topo for the face tho it would save lots of time

more old

First attempt at using Marvelous Designer for clothing and at pushing detail on more normal clothing, this one's gonna hold a spot in my heart despite being so simple cause I was in a really bad place mentally (thus the slogan on the hoodie)

more pictures: artstation.com/artwork/gJ9nne

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one of those projects I had grand designs for and never got around to finishing... I still like it...

More old art

This was also made back in 2018 when I was still messing around with Substance Painter, It's still a favorite project of mine

more pics here: artstation.com/artwork/Ka6Ag4

"meh i'm too tired i don't wanna do retopo tonight"

20 min later

"what can i do while i watch streams mmmh let's retopo"

i might be becoming a workaholic

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Time to start posting art, starting with an old one

This one is the Witch of Hearts, did this back in 2018 to learn Substance Painter, it's old but I like how I designed her so idk I might revisit her

more pics here: artstation.com/artwork/WNmDE

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I'm a 3D Character Artist for games, 3d printing, and fun! Currently on contract with Robot Entertainment!

hello my name is Riccardo, I'm a 3D Character Artist and I work in making fake people for Hangar 13 in Brno

my hobbies include yelling at clouds and getting mad at food

You can find my stuff at artstation.com/rikard although I will be posting it here so see you soon


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