been thinking old 2008 story, except shoehorning in characters from another story into hungry for that bad, belligerent content.......

it's a working title......

I don't actually know how much the swords play into it but they definitely are depressed asians, this I KNOW to be a fact lmfao

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wheezes I have a bit to crosspost from the week and before, but I'll be staggerin' it since I've got a pretty busy weekend ahead >:V

It's also just...really nice working in really messy ink thumbs again? I forget how frickin valuable the stuff you come up with in that gritty phase can be sometimes

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Soooo...super early concepts. I don' a lot of thumbing these days (NAUGHTY) but I'm remembering why it's really useful lol...

I'm going to have a real bad time with all these long format pictures though, gotta figure out how I want to deal with those. I underestimate how much I love wide cinematic shots.

Was pretty haphazard with what I let on my last laptop (which ended up being a miserable time), but it's safe to say I FINALLY have my laptop sticker game on LOCK

honestly this would mostly just be pendulum and noisia but also consider: two different zines with alternately themed covers with matching motifs and treatments etc ๐Ÿ˜ฉ


@rienlen frankly I think your attitude is pretty dumb

โ€˜nโ€™ bass

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