it's a working title......

I don't actually know how much the swords play into it but they definitely are depressed asians, this I KNOW to be a fact lmfao

wheezes I have a bit to crosspost from the week and before, but I'll be staggerin' it since I've got a pretty busy weekend ahead >:V

It's also just...really nice working in really messy ink thumbs again? I forget how frickin valuable the stuff you come up with in that gritty phase can be sometimes

Soooo...super early concepts. I don' a lot of thumbing these days (NAUGHTY) but I'm remembering why it's really useful lol...

I'm going to have a real bad time with all these long format pictures though, gotta figure out how I want to deal with those. I underestimate how much I love wide cinematic shots.

Was pretty haphazard with what I let on my last laptop (which ended up being a miserable time), but it's safe to say I FINALLY have my laptop sticker game on LOCK

honestly this would mostly just be pendulum and noisia but also consider: two different zines with alternately themed covers with matching motifs and treatments etc ๐Ÿ˜ฉ


this entire toot is the devolving of me having a heated mental argument with myself why finally caving in and making this zine is a good

drum and bass was the foundational music of my teen years that's stuck with me even to adulthood, and I've REALLY been wanting to make an oc zine based off of some of my favourite albums/tracks

I've been putting it off for the last several years because it seemed uneconomical and /too/ niche, but also: I want to actually finish a project of passion for once, SO I GUESS I'M DOING IT? I really want to make some ambitious illustrations.

I really...really hope I'll get to see Noisia at a set one day. Their setups just look so fckin WILD...

(also I guess if pendulum is coming back with the reworks, the best case scenario is if they both play at the same show...idk the logistics of that lmfao but I HAVE DREAMS)

Can we also talk about their Outer Edges remix of Diplodocus? Frickin' effortlessly rounded out that killer sound design the original had. I honestly didn't think it could get any more vicious, but THEY WENT THERE?

(Also, for those who got to go to their live sets...the visuals for it are so cute omg...the question mark that pops up with every stab is life's the literal embodiment of that track and I couldn't love it more.)

ALSO: I've been diving back into a lot of musical artists I used to listen to a ton of in college which means playing major catchup, and WHOOF Noisia is NOT fucking around. Outer Edges is SOLID as a cohesive album. Definitely 100% when it comes to listening in one go, though if we're talking individual tracks in no particular order,

Tentacles, Vigilantes, Sinkhole, Stonewalled, The Entangled, Anomaly, Collider, Straight Hook, Into Dust are all IMMENSE tracks. That's like. Half the album lol.

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