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Never did my , but I guess now's a good time as any!

I'm Lan! Transmasc (he/him), queer, game artist by day, comic artist by night. I love drawing, writing, and consuming webcomics. I mostly use this space to blab art, shop talk, and general life stuff, and if you like works about KICKIN FATE TO THE CURB (and maybe cthulhu too) and queer smooching, maybe you'll like my stuff?!

ALSO, I LOVE BIRDS and all of my characters will one day have their own fursonas.

You can also follow my work at
rienlen.tumblr.com , but I'm also rienlen on most social media sites!

the movie struggle, black panther (no spoils, i just havent watched it yet lol) Show more

at the very important dinner party with the spouse

2/20/2018 | popular podcasts, burnout, positive Show more

2/20/2018 | popular podcasts, burnout, positive Show more

2/20/2018 | popular podcasts, burnout, positive Show more

Trying to brute force my way through the last half of burnout by doin all my go-to's: aggro traditional bs and a ton of loud music lmaoooo

I think it's working! I definitely want to share some of my sloppier sketchbook pages later too though, because it took a lot for me to actually get to the point of wanting to do anything traditional and a lot of it was screaming nervously trying to freehand a bunch of things lol. Burnout is the worst.

If it wasn't apparent, I've been really burnt out these last few weeks. But while I don't want to make promises I can't keep, I definitely think I'm rounding a corner.

I've been doing a lot of non art activities and just. Trying to get back in touch with just a lot of things! A lot of weird things keep happening but I'm feeling really good in spite of them. I hope things work out for the best.

In the meantime...thanks for being patient with me, y'all 💦💦💦😭


tmi silly Show more

Sometimes momentarily giving up is the right choice to make, especially if you're really pushing your limits and there is nothing wrong about that. Everyone needs a breather sometimes

tmi silly Show more

super bowl/gambling Show more

HEY I did that moodboard meme with @rienlen Here's a nice boy who used to be a priest but got possesed by a demon (in a form of a golden snake) . Now he lives a hermit to not hurt anyone. So is the life.

2/5/2018 Show more

2/5/2018 Show more

I haven't had much to say lately between a busy weekend, but I at least want to say good morning, mastodon 😴

I FORGOT LIKE, if I don't actively try really hard, my style literally devolves into: screaming like a kid who's just discovered finger paints

which is like, 1.) great and cool? but also 2.) oh my god I thought I would be OVER this by this point in my life. Why is Consistency the Doldrums.