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eye contact (digital art) 

The current state of N:0, a main protagonist in my story.

is .social any good? I'm just thinking of making a personal / generic content alt.

I have implemented "lazy loading" and fallback .jpgs here but unsure if it works. Seems fine to me:

goddamn, image editing can be such a laborious, mundane task. time for a big break...

1 year into making my first game, all done in godot on linux, maybe in 10 more years i will have my 'floridavania', toxic hell, ready for release.

an amazing comic series: 

Hey! The new Time Before Time is up:
I'd buy them if had spare for such things.

Fuck you world, you're not winning this one either! There is decency. There are still many, many great people. I will stay positive, i will remain in my shoes and shove it up your orifice!

Looking for art jobs - concept art, illustration etc. - remote or in Stockholm. I almost take anything.

Someone please explain "rent for female only" cause my mind doesn't bend, it breaks over it.

Is there any other way to say 'non-smoking', 'smoke-free'?

Reminder that just because you’ve been through worse, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with bad stuff now

New blog post: How (not) to talk about #hackers in #media

Excessive use by the media of words “hacker”, “hacking”, “hack”, and the like, whenever a story concerns online break-ins, leaks, and cyberattacks is problematic:

- Makes it hard to inform the public accurately about causes of a given event, and thus makes it all but impossible to have an informed debate about it.

- Demonizes a creative community of tinkerers, artists, IT researchers, and information security experts.

I can't do much but to share this and tell you how they are facing a great deal of problems - they have to look out for themselves in their everyday lives, every day and night in a VERY conservative and "traditional" country.
More detailed publication soon? I guess and hope so.

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This isn't much info but the people of Heraklion, and Greece in general are desperate for recognition. Well, we know it is global. People. LGBTQ people are just like you or myself. They could use many little Tyrion Lannisters if you know what I mean.

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