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Smothered, Hard-Set
-main thread-

From now on, all my updates about the game I am making in will be posted under this "main toot". (I suppose it is doable and okay.)

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eye contact (digital art) 

The current state of N:0, a main protagonist in my story.

finally put a "flashing images!" warning on my thing AND made a simpler HTML version without the strobe party:

After more than thirty years of being around, I can firmly state as a fact: most people do not have at all any form of conscience or live their lives with an ultimately damaged and absurd one. And this is getting enhanced on a massive scale for a long time now.
Or I'm just surrounded with assholes and it's getting hard to swim in the shit.

Is it just me or everybody under 30 listens only to Kooki Plopz and similar?

In a life of no smartphones, no alarms, no notifications, no reminders, no forced schedules but only letters, emails and regular phone calls - there, that's where i see myself five years from now.

End the madness.

drawing-painting the final map with the parallax fore and backgrounds.

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is there a webpage or something that combines searches of multiple search engines?

"Don't trust anyone in your hobby who is making money off their social media account."

Stop for a moment and think of the world like this. Then step away from the current mess, you need a shovel #OMN

From time to time, it is somehow reassuring to realize how I just do not hate people at all. I hate ignorant assholes who never put an effort in anything but deception.

Idea: A completely anonymous website to report about all kinds of happenings at workplaces.
Time for me to make an anonymous account to speak my mind about various forms of ignorance...

can't wait until there's some technology i look at the way my grandparents look at phones. i'll be like young one help me i can't exit the pocket reality full-perception stimulator and i have forgotten my true name, and they'll be like progenitor there is no pause button because it's inline and you must wait until your avatar naturally terminates, why did you pick one so close to unity that may take aeons, you are wasting my extropy i hope you kill yourself

I don't want to work for any company anymore. I want to co-operate with other humans, do stuff on human level with people who live in this world, not in made up ones.

"Would you ban all advertising?"

Of course? How is that even a question?

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