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I am in the process of re-adding/re-following people, if you got more than one notice from this profile: it wasn't intentional.

*fire, sitting in a ktichen, why isn't here an option to edit these?

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Hey! Look at me how cool I am! I just sit around and watch the world burn and it is fine! This is the coolest mentality! Woooo!!!

that meme with the dog - i liked the original comics for a while - that shit.... NO!!!! NO! IT IS NOT FINE!!!! FUCK YOU !!! FUCK YOU! i am locked here. i am not a human anymore. look, the governments turned me into text on some website. ...

nah, sorry, but seriously disgusted and pissed off here.
i just want to fucking live my boring, stupid life, standing on two legs, with a spine, with a functioning brain.

here's something twisted (and illegal): i don't like this content warning function. not gonna press it. you go burn books and cover the eyes of kids. so, we kidnap some fucker from google and just torture the person to help us reverse engineer google stuffs. oh wait. we could just set all those things on fire! hey! guys! remember punk? no? rebelling? no? okay, just tap and swipe them phones.

them kids gotta jump off stagram and their firstpersonshooters and have a reality check.

Literally playing this for days now. Quite uneventful but a very specific and intense audial state. I don't want to just call it "ambient"... The air IS on fire.

How does this sound: Please support your own rights.

Free software is all about human rights. I do not want to be owned by anybody.

"Open letter of Leah Rowe from libreboot defending RMS and explaining in first person RMS is not transphobic (Leah is trans herself)"

Reminder that in #cryptocurrency, as everywhere else, there are two sides to each transaction, and especially when nothing but money/tokens changes hands, there is going to be a winner and a loser, and losers don't write as much about their losses as winners do of their wins.

And if you're just "making money" off speculation and/or "investment", you're not actually doing any work useful to anyone.

Music anyone? Well, I got into extreme metal early on. Squash!! Then at around 25 I finally found Diamanda. And That is it. PERIOD. You are an internet-using person: Diamanda Galas
Wanted a real vampire? She is. Death metal? Only a childish joke from now on.
She also sings "properly" but even then, you piss yourself to bed. Enjoy...

capitalism creates selection pressures that reward psychopathic behavior leading to psychopaths disproportionately ending up in positions of power

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