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Smothered, Hard-Set
-main thread-

From now on, all my updates about the game I am making in will be posted under this "main toot". (I suppose it is doable and okay.)

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I am, in my private life, am very happy. And my ex is happy to video call me. Free relationship advice here. Also, if interested, i give passwords out for my personal blog. Tomorrow. * large stone falls *

self promotion, music, bandcamp link 

Bridges burnt. Doors closed.
My first EP available via bandcamp:
Rather soundscapes, drone and atmosphere than music - if you feel like HEAVY and DARK and unsettling, here you go. (Although it finishes with a light and sweet release.)
With this, I am throwing the last shovels of dirt onto 2021.
Thank you. XXX

You. Any of you live in London? Want to have an (not necessarily) awkward but friendly conversation?

Many times it is great but most times it is just lethargic to have no one to talk with after working long hours. Concerning this, of two things I am sure: one, many (young) people do not realize how they actually have their way/option back to life and friends to talk with after work, two, the ones who actually are not so lucky to have that, are suffering from this.

Hello people! What webhosting would you recommend for this year? Got a portfolio project that may get some decent amount of views.

this is how you write an artist resume 

i am utterly exhausted. on the verge of giving up, despite not knowing how to give up at all.
i am sick of most things in general and sickened to death by basically everything that is practiced by most humans.
all i want is to hold a mirror, express my disgust and reach for better things i come up with through my personal ways.
never tell me what to do.
never tell me anything.
now pay me.

Just a reminder how, if charged a lot, the ten years old smartphone of mine runs all modern apps just fine through LineAge OS.

My game development goes on ice once again. Life is overwhelming and I tapped into somewhere I shouldn't have. Attraction and emotions are not the best to have around when you are onto establishing basic needs.

Do you know any story/movie/comic/anything including elves and aliens interacting?

Anyone have experience launching a program and using xprop to remove the decoration? I think I almost got it now but maybe there is a better solution. Been at it and related searches for half a day now.

Anyone in in need of work / office furniture / standing desk? I am selling my workstation for a bargain. have priority. Has to go this week.

Have any of you managed to convince a friend to move to/start using Mastodon/the fediverse? If so, how?

Aha, yeah, it is time to lock up this Zuckerfucker and his zealots in some forgotten pit (and seal them with concrete).

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