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Hi I'm Becca! This is my creative account where I post my , , and other artistic escapades. My favourite designs and projects include , , and

I'm an nb femme lesbian living in British Columbia with my two partners, a mother-in-law, and our two black cats. You can see more of them on my personal account:

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Let's make the first upload a classic! I worked on this Dimensions off and on for years, slapped a caption on, and it's the highlight of my kitchen

When u get up for 2 minutes and come back to your warm spot having been Occupied

I got a painting idea for my art class and had to do it first in watercolor to get it out of my brain

me: *aggressively resists drawing all my characters in combat boots*
me: technically this counts as personal growth

little dragon in a bottle I sketched out during art club on Friday

hey, i just noticed that a lot of my hits since the first couple months of CrossSkitch's release have come from folks sorting the 'tools' section of by rating!

if you enjoyed it, maybe give it a rating? there aren't a ton of higher-rated stuff in that section, so every one would bump it up a bit ❤️ ✖️ ❌ ✖️

either way, thanks again to everyone who played it!

I've kinda been taking a break in the new year from art and fiber art stuff after a crazy 2018, but the nice thing is here I don't feel a pressure to constantly post new content❤️

For those curious about how tall Mega-Sylveon is compared to a regular Sylveon 🎀🎗

More important than what you create is how much you're passionate about it.

Sleep well ya'll

Learned a lot from this little ring. Spiral bend of ash and purpleheart with a copper inlay for support. Also my first time doing an edge inlay with malachite. There are blemishes, but I've learned enough to make the next one awesome.

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