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All right let's do this one last time

Hi I'm Becca! I'm an nb femme lesbian living with my 2 wives and our 2 black cats in British Columbia. I have autism and struggle with hyperacusis, a hearing disability (i hear everything so well that it causes chronic pain)

My lifetime special interests are , collecting old and new girls' toys, , crafts, sim games ( and ) , and watching girls' cartoons

Here's some of my fave work!

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Let's make the first upload a classic! I worked on this Dimensions off and on for years, slapped a caption on, and it's the highlight of my kitchen

I really like the idea of Abigail and Maru being cave spelunking buddies...and maybe...more 👀💜💜

a reminder for everyone struggling today: please remember to use filters and mutes liberally.

its completely fine to not know everything all the time. maybe consider asking a friend to filter a little bit of news to you when you ask for it instead of letting social media blast you away with it.

its fine if even jokes and shitposts upset you. its not ANY kind of failing on your part. staying mentally healthy goes a long way towards staying physically healthy.

Hey folks,

I know we're going into uncertain times, but if you have the spare resources please consider throwing them at creators you like.

Instead of streaming that album maybe pick it up via Bandcamp or (gasp!) get some of the physical objects they sell.

Drop a few extra $$ in their Patreon or Liberapay accounts this month. Find creators that make things you like and give them some extra $$.

Tours are drying up left and right. Belts are being tightened.


a threatening text:

I found your livejournal

damn all this shit is getting canceled. would be a shame if people used that free time for revolution

Every piece of medical advice says to self-quarantine and /call/ your doctor if you start to show symptoms, and only /come in/ if they tell you to.

Please, please, stop telling people to go hang out at doctors offices and hospitals because they've got a slight fever or scratchy throat. For most of the northern hemisphere, those are normal allergy symptoms during this time of year!

Listen directly to the guidelines of the WHO and, if you trust your local government, them, or local hospitals.

Please stop organising queer and radical events on Facebook.

"Fuck the Founding Fathers" is just a good thing to post every so often to make sure the wrong people unfollow and block

i'm not even 30 and if this turns into a recession it'll be my third one i've lived through lol

When a Mastodon user who has been quiet for a long time starts posting again

remember when bo burnham said the only things he cared about are pussy, money, and the dewey decimal system? cuz i felt that

I've said this before and I'll keep saying.

Not everyone that has all the progressive labels in their profiles are actually that.

Stay woke.

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:moonholiday: please support on patreon if you're able :moonholiday:

we're a community dedicated to amplifying the voices of marginalized individuals, eroding kyriarchal power structures, and building the best world(s) we can collectively imagine

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