What are some good games/shows/books/etc that have talking animals or anthro characters and awesome worldbuilding/lore?

I'm primarily interested in worlds that are built around the cultures that talking animals would develop based on each species' needs, as opposed to things where the animals are interchangable with humans, if that makes sense.

@cosine ooh, good idea! I'm aware of those books but I've never actually read them.

@ribbitdoodle The Architect of Sleep. The human MC goes caving and without realizing it goes through a portal when he gets lost. Emerging on an earth populated by sapient anthropomorphic raccoons. He has to learn to sign because those folks didn't evolve the same changes that allow humans enough vocal variety for spoken language. Good, but ends unresolved as it was book one in a series and there were apparently publisher issues (and the "what's tact? Is it kinky? Yiff!" wing of furryville)


That sounds super interesting! It's a shame it's left unresolved, but I'll definitely check that one out!

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