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Bonjour, je viens sur MastoArt depuis EldritchCafe pour vous présenter mon travail. Je tricote, je brode, je tisse. Je posterai des photos de mes créations et de mes balades champêtres.
N'hésitez pas à venir me parler en français, anglais ou espagnol (je débute mais je me débrouille).

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Hello everyone, coming to MastoArt from EldritchCafe. I'm a fiber artist. I knit, embroider and weave. I'll post pictures of my work and my wanderings in nature.
French is my mothertongue but feel free to interact with me in english (I'm also learning spanish).

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Thing I did for @Curator #CuratorPrompts / #CuratorPrompts88 thing. I mashed together the house and jar. :D

Piece is CC BY-NC 4.0, and you can see the draft and commentary at the piece's link:


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Inktober 52 2022 - Week 29 - 'Celtic'

Well, this was fun. An ouroboros Celtic knot with some dragon/worm creatures.

My wonky-ass drawing skills work in favour of this looking more authentic. I'm also not very good at 3D visuals. So drawing knot patterns and remembering which line goes where was rather tricky for me.

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Hi! I'm Camila, an artist and illustrator with a love for fantasy and horror.
I've worked with novel covers, concept art and games in general. I lean towards character art but try to keep a broader focus to cultivate the toolset needed for my own weird projects.

Looking forward to meeting other creatives!

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Among the things we typically content warn for so as to provide a safe and comfortable space for our viewers around the fedi, are eye contact and AI-generated artwork, both of which can cause discomfort and anxiety of various levels for people.

If you're posting any kind of art with eye contact, or any kind of AI-generated art, *please* consider hiding it behind a content warning. for AI art specifically, use the hashtag so people can hide it if they want to.


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It's on ! Please consider helping us out and getting our work-in-progress aldercone.itch.io/the-seven-ra

It's a comedy murder mystery, highly collaborative and heavy roleplaying. It has a storyteller instead of a gm and is written by two nonbinary folks :)

It's not completely done but you'll get updates forever! :)


CW (linoprinted) snake • skull • eye contact 

EN • Multiblock linoprinted stickers. Maybe i'll try another color for the background. Still, i had a good time making these test prints.
FR • Test d'impression multibloc avec 4 matrices en lino. Le papier est un kraft autocollant qui réagit étonnamment bien à l'encrage.

CW snake • skull • eye contact (well, sort of) 

EN • linoprinted stickers wip
FR • linogravure sur papier kraft autocollant wip

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First try at painting with gouache. I really like this medium - it has a fluidity about it that reminds me of watercolours, but the option to lay it on thick and get really solid colours, like acrylic. So it's like a mash up of two of my favourite mediums!

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Hello! I recently created an account on mastodon.social but I soon realized I needed to be at .art. so here I am lololo
...I'm Morganne, aka Glume. I'm an artist and parent. I have narcolepsy. Free time is not my strong suit, but I make the most of it by filling it with art most days. I like horror movies and metal music. Feel free to say hi! Hey check out the I'm making for
(characters/owners can be found here: artfight.net/~Glume/attacks )

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I do digital art. I'd like to use this site to journal the thoughts that go into making my drawings.

I don't pretend to teach anyone what they should or shouldn't do, I just want to reach out and starting more conversations about visual art. At the very least, I hope you'll find it interesting, I'll do my best to keep things concise and to put thought into what I say.

About me: I like trees, I like prog rock and I'd like for my drawings to actually turn out how I envision them.

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