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Starting a new moleskine for good and bad drawings alike cause perfectionism can beat it right now

Also a month-ish ago I redid an old piece and it was a cool exercise to do

The second "Tales of Tarkindale" is here!!

[CW for lewd jokes]

My awesome and super talented friend @ericfell wrote, voiced, and animated it, and I provided the art. :D

A while ago I did some drawings of some cute characters for my good friend and talented comedian/writer/creator @ericfell. He did this awesome thing with them:

I'm so chuffed, Eric did such a great job! :D He's going to be releasing a new one every Friday, so give him a follow if you like goofy animated skits about D&D creatures hanging out in a bar!

Okami spoilers 

It makes me so absurdly happy to see people using the :squishygecko: emoji out in the wild. 😭

Y'all are the best. Squishy thinks so too. 💚


I think I'm going to have to just be myself

*smile of relief*

Just a reminder, if you like cool patterns and adult colouring books/pages please take a look at my Snowflakes Colouring Book:

You can download the high-res PDF with 30 designs for FREE or Pay-What-You-Want!

And every purchase/download has access to future updates with more patterns for free! :)

(Boosts/shares appreciated!)

Just got a request about Facebook alternatives on the Fediverse.

There are a number of options, but the one most suitable for non-technical people is probably Friendica.

Friendica's major instances are already federating through ActivityPub (on the development branch of the code), such as:

Friendica has a Facebook-like interface, and FB-like features such as events and photo albums.


Next year all my projects are going to be carved stamps to challenge myself

Bunny and chick somewhere in Tuscany.

Full res here (Patreon link but it's a public post):


And for fun, here were the original pencils for these two sketches in my sketchbook. [Expand/open the image to see both!]

I was recently reminded of these old ST:TNG drawings. I still like them a lot, so I thought I'd share!

When I was in college I used to spend a lot of time winding down after classes by binge-watching TNG. These sketches were a result of that! A quick Deanna and a cartoony Jean-Luc. :)

i started this in july but every time i open the file i just... don't do anything. i'll never finish it????

Hmm, all my Direct Messages seem to have disappeared… is this a thing? Am I the only one? 🤔

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