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Just made a thread on Birdsite about how much I love Mastodon and other recent social media alternatives. It's hard to communicate to people why it's worth it to try new places, but it's hard to overstate how comfortable I feel here, and how much I look forward to visiting every day to see what's going on with my fellow tooters. You're all what makes this place so wonderful, thank you for being here. 💜 (Link to Birdsite thread under the cut.) Show more

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Squishy is beautiful and I love her so much 😊💗💞 (CW for picture of an adorable crested gecko) Show more

Mmm lots of new art flowing in ♥️
Protip! When you've uploaded an image, and before you toot, you can click the image to
1) add image descriptions for those with visual impairments (please do!)
2) set a focus area on your image, this will make sure that the area you set will always be visible when cropped on mastodon! In case you've ever had one of those fantastic crotch crops, you can now avoid them.

good night! :tialove:

O Canada! Happy Canada Day! Not my best work but I whipped up this approximation of a Canadian flag to celebrate!

I can do it. I can do this and more. I can do anything I put my mind to. People can laugh at me all they want. Truth is, I can do something they can't. I have already achieved more than those who didn't even start because they think we're too old to learn new things. One day I will play that Ballade. Maybe even all four of them. It's not too late. It's never too late.

Sometimes it feels like my Dad and I don't have a lot in common. But we'll always have The Beatles, and I'm so thankful for that. 💙 ✌️ 💜

At the family dinner the night before my wedding my dad surprised me by requesting "Hey Jude" from the DJ. It's his (and one of my) favourite song(s), one he played and sang to us on his guitar throughout my childhood. I bawled my eyes out as I danced with him and he sang it to me again that night.

Watching this carpool karaoke with Sir Paul McCartney put such a huge smile on my face today. But then I have Feelings™ when it comes to the Beatles. ✌️

Since our new place has proper good lighting I've started to populate it with more and more houseplants. I just picked up the calla lily yesterday. They make me so happy!

To all the new members here at Mastodon.Art, one of the great things about our instance is our gallery, which your work is automatically added to when you use .

Check it out for inspiration!

Trying some things with dried flowers and watercolor. I thought the cherry blossoms would be better but they didn't dry well :/
#art #mastoart

May I just say? I love it here on mastodon, especially here on the instance.
I joined just about 3 month ago. I loved this community instantly and may have spend a bit too much time the first few days on here as well (still occasionaly do).
Since I joined I have experienced nothing but kindness, support and a lot of people who are willing to help out.
Thank you mastodon. And a special thanks to @Curator who has created such a supportive space for us creatives here on

Thank you, Mastodon, for being so wonderful. 💜

Most people: "Nothing but the purest, freshest, grade-A memes for me, an intellectual"


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