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I'm running a sale at all of my O Human Star storefronts through the rest of June using the code PRIDE18!

20% off PDFs of Volumes 1 & 2!

20% off books, magnets and stickers!
20% off extra comics (for ages 18+)!

🌈 Hoping your week is off to a good start! 💖
I'm offering $500 mini grants to queer folks to be used toward projects/life/whatever. Application open through the end of the month.

the collapsed version of my Tumblr presentation at the request of @Curator bahaha

Another old sketch of Aster, one of the main characters of my webcomic Sable & Aster (

I love this project so much, but damn, writing is hard. I hope I can figure it out soon, because I so desperately want to make more and share it with the world!

An old sketch of two characters from my webcomic Sable & Aster ( They haven't been introduced yet, but they will be! Fyla and Audrey, a potter and baker, who love each other very much. ^^

Mastodon.Art is closed to signups by default to keep bots out, but you are perfectly capable of inviting friends to join.

Don't see some of your friends here? Not enough of a certain kind of artist here? Invite them!

In your settings you can generate an invite link and share it: :mastohi: 😄

Joined @pixelfed last night. Made my intro post on today. I'm loving all these new alternatives to traditional social media!

It's been >5 years since I last updated my avatar.

Thanks to @rheall I have a new one 😁


I haven't really talked about it on here, but our car was broken into while we were in Vancouver! I'm holding a sale to help cover related costs. I don't do sales often, so this is a great opportunity! Boosts are 💙💙💙💙💙💙

Hey everyone! I've just published a beta of my new app for writers -

It's a simple tool meant to help writers to develop a daily writing habit, achieve their writing goals, and track their progress.

If you're interested in this sort of thing - it'd be really awesome if you could check it out and let me know what you think. I'm looking for any feedback, first impressions, your thoughts on what could be better.

I know many people usually feel weird when they fave or boost old posts cause they don't want to seem like stalkers, but if it's an account going through the timeline and boosting old stuff you like it is great! I'm happy to see somebody was engaged enough by my art to scroll that far through. No shame in boosting old artwork :)

(an exploration of feeling through shape, texture, and inversion)

Watercolor on cold press paper, 5.5" x 7.5"

Painted while watching Rivers and Tides (a film about Andy Goldsworthy)

#mermay 27ème jour "Gravure"
Recyclage emballage + gravure pointe sèche + gouache

Hier j'ai passé une matinée enrichissante à "L'atelier d'Akane" de Nicole Fraysse. Nous avons gravé sur de l'emballage de jus de fruit,( je ne cite pas la marque de l'emballage, vous aurez deviné, et heureusement que ça s'arrête vue la pollution qu'elle engendre.)
En attendant, Nicole fait de la récup et je dois dire que c'est assez agréable de graver là dessus :)

And you can watch the Procreate timelapse video here:

So many false starts. So much experimenting. It had to lead somewhere! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This painting has been sitting on my iPad for months now, but I promised I would finish it before the end of ! So here it is, a very vain mermaid, painted in .

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