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Heather L. Gilbraith @rheall@mastodon.art

To christen this account, I figure I better post some art. Here's a cute little comic I made earlier this year during . I'm hoping to make more Tiny Unicorn Adventure comics someday soon. :) mastodon.art/media/hGAobj_6He1

@adamk678 It took me about a year to become comfortable enough with it to wean myself off of Photoshop. Keep at it! It really is a remarkable program. And let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help out!


after a hiatus one of my favourite webcomics, The Savage Beard of She Dwarf by @kylelatino has returned with a new chapter. It's a joyful, playful genre-bending fantasy epic with a touch of Pratchett & a dose of your favourite moments from an anarchic laugh-out-loud D&D session.

dive in here: shedwarf.com/comic/chapter-5-p

or get started here: shedwarf.com/about/

A picture of my crested gecko, Squishy, from 2013 when she was 1.5 years old. She was such a wee babby! 😍 Show more

A picture of my crested gecko, Squishy, from 2013 when she was 1.5 years old. She was such a wee babby! 😍 Show more

Hey guys. My mom made a gofundme for the move. If any of you can donate even a dollar, I'll be extremely grateful.


You can also boost this if you can't help out money-wise. I'd appreciate it.

@muakata Glad to hear it! I always make sure to treat myself with something yummy after a doctor's appointment, especially one that early.

@scribbled_death The movement and action in these are wonderful! :D So much storytelling is happening just with these poses. Excellent work!

**exhibitor, aaagh. See, this is how green I am x__x

I found out last week that I've been accepted to exhibit at at the end of May!! Eeeeeee!!! :D

This is significant because I've never exhibited at a con before. I've never made merch out of my art at such a scale, and have never had to sit behind a table and sell my work to other people.

I spent the weekend putting files together and ordering prints/books/stickers. I'm WAY ahead of schedule. But if you have any tips/advice for a first-time con exhibiter, I'm all ears! ^^


Hey everyone,
I'm opening up emergency commissions because I really, really need help. Between being put on more expensive medication and very slow job search, I'm in an extremely tight spot this month. "Struggling to pay my rent" kind of tight.

The base pricing sheet is below, but I can work to accommodate any budget. Contact: dona.vajgand@gmail.com

You can also help by buying me a ko-fi: ko-fi.com/donavajgand
Every supporter gets my Photoshop brush set. I'll do a sketch for 3+ coffees, just tell me what you want in the description.

Boosts help immensely!

Thank you!


@CallunaDraconis I'm so looking forward to any more you do! :D

@CallunaDraconis Aaaaah, these are so good!! 😍 I love your more realistic portrayal, it's so wonderful seeing all these pokémon in natural environments and scaled against each other. Excellent rendering, lighting, and composition, too!

@cstanhope I totally meant the flickers drumming, no worries! ^^ I just figured they liked your chimney caps because they were nice and loud and reverberated well. ;) We get them drumming a lot on telephone poles here. It's not quite as frustrating as having your house echoing with it, though, I'm sure! I hope they leave you time to sleep. :)