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An OLD old fan art of Issun from Okami (drawn in 2007, yikes). I'll have to do some new fan art soon… XD

[CW for possible spoilers??]

Here's a blast from the past… an old OLD drawing from 2011 I entitled "Renee". It's just a random drawing of a person wearing cool boots.

I feel like I need to work on my humanoid figures more… I've been dropping the ball so much lately in regards to human figures (especially faces) and I'd like to regain my competency with them. Time to get back on the drawing horse!

To celebrate the announcement of a new Animal Crossing game on the Nintendo Switch in 2019 (FINALLY!), here's an old illustration of my Pocket Camp character and my favourite villager, the inimitable Peanut. 💜 (Plus the sketch version, which I also liked!)

One of my prized possessions is the Okami Artbook. It's huge, and every page is a work of art… 💜

Here's a little tree I doodled up today. A little overworked, but hey, it exists! That's pretty cool. :D

Plus a version put through a 4-colour posterization filter, 'cos why not?

Pixie cut 💜 ✨

I'm trying to get better about doodling. This isn't perfect, but hey, anything is better than nothing!

Went for a walk to my favourite little local art store to pick up some new pens.

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