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Heather L. Gilbraith @rheall@mastodon.art

Everytime I walk past this little scene my heart gets filled with happiness. 💞🐵🐻🐶💕

Spent some time tonight on my horse drawing workshop. It's coming along! I only have a week left until though, aaaaaaah!! Gotta get it finished!

Everyone's doing the thing, but I'm not quite sure how it works… are they recent works? Portfolio pieces? Faces to see how they compare with our actual faces?

Well, here's one with recent things. I haven't done much other than sketching, tbh. I think this is a cute selfie, though!

I got the urge to teach myself how to do pixel art, so I sat down last night and bashed up a quick sprite of Peanut from Animal Crossing. :)

For my first ever attempt at pixel art I'm pretty proud of this! ^^ I still have a lot to learn, and a long way to go! Drawn in on my iPadPro.

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I think out of all of them, the Nokia is still my favourite. Everything about it, its weight, the buttons, the satisfying "flip" to answer/end a call… it's all so smooth and satisfying. It's so crazy how much I miss this phone!

11 years of old cell phones (the things you find when moving…)

2007 –> 2009/10 –> 2013 –> 2015/16

I've only had a smart phone for two and a half years. I'm a bit of a late adopter. ;)

(Also, I don't want to part with any of these. ;___; Why do I imprint on things like this so strongly?)

I call her Effe. :) ✨

(Because I drew her while trying to get over some brutal Effexor withdrawal the last couple of weeks. She helped keep me distracted. 💗)

My merch for is here!! 😍Well, most of it… XD

Here are some of my favourite artist inspirations. :)

4) Liu Jiyou (1918-1983)

Liu Jiyou was a phenomenal Chinese painter, probably best known for his animal and flower paintings. He also illustrated comics.

Here are some of my favourite artist inspirations. :)

3) Giovanni Boldini (1842-1931)

Boldini was an Italian painter, best known for his portrait paintings. His signature style of expressive brushwork earned him the title "Master of Swish".

Here are some of my favourite artist inspirations. :)

2) Tyrus Wong (1910-2016)

Wong was a very successful and long-lived Chinese-American artist. He helped develop the look of Disney's "Bambi" with his beautiful, minimalist, pastel drawings. Sadly, he was fired from Disney in 1941, shortly after he finished his work on "Bambi", because of the Animator's Strike. He later worked with WB and Hallmark.

Here's some of his Bambi concept art:

Here are some of my favourite artist inspirations. :)

1) Virginia Frances Sterrett (1900-1931)

She started professionally illustrating at age 19. She published her last and most well-known project, her own interpretation of Arabian Nights, at age 28. She sadly died of tuberculosis three years later.

I'm thinking of starting portrait/avatar commissions in the same style as these two sometime in the next month or two. You know, once moving/travelling/conventioning is done.

I might even try doing some pet portraits in the same style??

Anyway, how much do you think would be reasonable to charge for these? I'm thinking ~$50 CAD ea., though I'm worried I might be selling myself short.

Money's going to be a bit tight for the next little while, so I'm brainstorming ways to contribute.

Mare and Foal. Sketched in using an iPad Pro. :)

(Apologies for any anatomical inaccuracies, this was drawn for fun without any references!)

(See thread for a link to the timelapse video.)

A while back I wrote this quick little beginners look at how I use watercolour and basic techniques: rheallart.tumblr.com/post/1164

It also has the step-by-step image showing the layers that went into painting the clothing folds on my "L'Opossum" painting. :)

Watercolour is great, very forgiving, the paints last forever, and so much fun! Give it a try! :D

For anyone interested, here's my painting setup. lots of test strokes. XD

I wanted to play around with my watercolours again after a year of not using them. Once again it's a little fanart of my Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp character and my favorite animal, the inimitable Peanut. ^^

Another photo of my ridiculously adorable gecko. Oh, and me too, I guess. XD Show more

The horse drawing workshop is coming along… still a long way to go. I hope I can finish it in time! (Moving apartments is very distracting right now…)