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Heather L. Gilbraith @rheall

Constant little pain in the muscles of my right shoulder blade… nothing to worry about, right? :|

Anyone know of any stretches/exercises that can help alleviate this kind of pain?

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@rheall I found this one really helpful
20 minutes, no equipment, on the floor. Dunno if it'll hit that specific area but this is one I come back to again and again. Especially the second half of it.

Hey, I suffered for horrible back pain (tho it ws caused by stress then) and the only thing that helped me was ashtanga yoga. My specific routine mixes up different poses from different workouts i found on the internet but this one contains most of them. Id say just find poses you think look nice and dont put too much stress on part of the body you dont want(for me wrists at example) and youre good to go (,: