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Ok, so, I'm going to try and put together a horse drawing workshop. :D But I need y'all's help: What is difficult for you when it comes to drawing horses?

(Please be specific! General anatomy, gaits, hooves, basic construction, drawing from weird angles, proportions…?)

Basically, where do you struggle and what do you think would be helpful to you?

Thank you so much for your feedback! RTs appreciated. :) <3

@rheall head shape is a big one for me, once all the skin is on there it's really hard to figure out what curves, where the jaw goes, etc. especially when the head/neck is at angles other than the straight up profile!

@modgethanc Ooooh, good feedback! Yeah, heads are hella tricky, especially in perspective… I'll definitely add that to my list, thank you! :D

@rheall proportion of humans next to a horse I always tricky

@sofairyquiet That's tricky for me, too! I'll be brushing up on that, for sure. :) Thank you!

@rheall I often struggle with the bit where the front legs connect with the torso.

@Yncke Yessss, this is so tricky for me, too! I'll definitely cover this. :) Thank you!

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