I woke up today to the calls of northern flickers and drumming.

Not bad at all.

(Photo from a few years ago.)


@rheall They do seem to be fond of drumming on my chimney caps. But they are interesting and beautiful. :)

@cstanhope They must be very acoustic chimney caps! :D

@rheall I just now realized that your drumming may not be in reference to the flickers. It's just when you said drumming that it reminded me of the flickers' behavior so much that I didn't think you meant anything else. HA! Anyway, the flickers enjoy making a racket by rapidly pecking at the chimney caps in the neighborhood. We can hear them inside the house through the fireplace, but it's much louder outside.

@cstanhope I totally meant the flickers drumming, no worries! ^^ I just figured they liked your chimney caps because they were nice and loud and reverberated well. ;) We get them drumming a lot on telephone poles here. It's not quite as frustrating as having your house echoing with it, though, I'm sure! I hope they leave you time to sleep. :)

@rheall Luckily they don't get started too early. I'm usually up before them. I was initially a little irritated when it first started happening when I moved here, but I realized they weren't causing any harm. Now I worry when I don't hear them. :)

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