I finished it! :D

Found some discount yarn a few weeks ago and decided to knit up some toques as gifts for my family. Here's the first! I'm so proud of how it turned out!

I used this pattern here: cyberseams.com/article/105343/

It's really simple for beginners! I highly recommend it. :)

@GwenfarsGarden Thank you! It's so easy to knit, too. :D

@GwenfarsGarden Haha, I know this feeling… XD This is the first non-rectangular (dishcloth, scarf, pillow, etc.) pattern I've ever done. You only need to know two things: knit, purl, and knit 2 together. That's it! So I highly recommend it for your first project that requires reducing stitches. :D

@GwenfarsGarden All it is is sticking your needle through two stitches instead of one, but yeah, it's intimidating at first. No worries, though, you'll be an expert in no time! :D

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