Seeing as how @pixelfed is getting a proper release soon, I'm thinking about what I want to use these new social media thingies for.

I don't want to just be cross-posting the same things to a bunch of different feeds, especially if so many of these federated sites are cross-compatible.

I'm thinking:
- Mastodon for public/art stuff
- Pixelfed for private photos/sharing with close friends
- (One of) Friendica/Diaspora/Pillowfort for more private long-form blogging?

Something to think about!

@pixelfed Of course, in order to use Pixelfed and others for more private posting I need friends on here I'd be comfortable sharing more private things with. :\ Maybe it's time to start pressuring friends and family members to join these new social medias again (though it hasn't worked the other umpteenth times, haha)

@rheall Why not Plume for blog?

@gled has been offering up plume instances for those who wanna get into the blogging via AP stuff.

@kemonine There are so many options!! I need to do so much research, haha… I don't really have a need to do any public blogging right now, but maybe in the future…? We'll see! :)

@rheall it feels to me that it's rather Pixelfed is for art?

@charlag If that's what you prefer go for it! :D It's really well suited to that, for sure!

@rheall I've never used it because of the federation but ofc, it's just a thought

@charlag I like the idea of using it the way instagram was originally intended; for taking snapshots of my daily life and sharing them with friends. I stopped using IG that way because it became yet another closed off place in which to build an audience for my art and I didn't feel comfortable sharing all the personal/daily stuff in a public profile. But it would be fun to have that back again! :)

I could always have more than one Pixelfed account… 🤔 😄

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