I might be in the market for a new Android smartphone soon… If anyone has any recommendations I'm all ears!

I'd like a really well performing camera, for sure. Doesn't have to be huge. :)

My current phone is a late 2015 Moto X Pure/Style, and I love it so much, but the screen crapped out early on and I had to live with ghosting issues for the past two years, and it's started slowing down as well.

(I tried to get the screen fixed recently, but the repair place replaced it with an equally crappy screen with messed up colours, so I'm not too happy right now and thinking it might be time for a change. 😤)

(I mean, just look at this shit. I paid $160 for THIS?? 🤬 )

@rheall wow. That’s an incredibly bad display. Sucks all the life out of all the colors.

@edebill yeah. :( I definitely preferred the ghosting issues to this.

When I asked them if they could fix it, they pretty much shrugged and said "well, we could try replacing the screen a second time, but it's not likely to fix it, since we'll be sourcing from the same supplier." Ugh.

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