Started this one today, based on the little centrepiece on my table in a coffee shop. :succulent: The colours are all wrong, but I'm just trying to get a sense of depth established first, with that very bright shaft of light… not sure if I'm accomplishing that very well. :\

Anyone have any constructive critiques? (Also attached is a photo, though the perspective is a bit different and the light had moved by the time I took it.)

Colours punched up, shading finalized, table-top perspective fixed. Now it's time for the painstaking detailing of those flowers… x___x

@rheall Hm, you've got overlap, shadows, contours, so what can we do to reinforce those? I suggest turning that wood grain into a sneaky perspective grid--get those lines converging towards a single point (even if it's really really far away) so the vase sits on something.
Also, the white outlines around the florets look flat when compared to the elements around them. Maybe change that to a gradient, so the flowers hit by the light are white, the rest are faded greys/sages?

@AesAthena Yes, I got a suggestion from another friend to reinforce the perspective on the table top. I'll definitely do that. ^^ The reason the flowers look flat is I haven't started working on them yet. I've been focusing on the table top and pot. But that will happen, and thank you for the super useful suggestions there, too!

@rheall note: I’m not an art critic and hardly qualified to critique anything. Having said that, the contrast of the flowers with the bright, hard edges seems a bit off to me - like I can’t focus on the overall picture - just that aspect.

@jerry Ah, no worries! That's a very good observation! I hadn't yet started to detail the flowers, just the pot/tabletop… probably should have mentioned that in my original post. But thank you so much, your point of view is definitely most welcome. :D

@rheall also, I thought you did a nice job with the line of sunlight. It looks pretty natural to me.

@rheall This is gorgeous! The only suggestion I have would be to use less outlining on the flower petals. I think that solid shapes for light/shadow would do well enough in that area, and might lend more feeling of dimension to that part of the image.

Really nice work!

@levitea Aww, thank you so much, Emma! Yeah, the flowers are something I'll tackle once the pot/table top is where I want it. Haven't started detailing them yet… they're going to be a lot of work. XD

Thank you!

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