A lot of the people I know who write a lot like wandering.shop . :)

@rheall I know wandering.shop has a lot of authors on it, but I don't know if it is *specifically* focused on writing

either way, it's full of some really great people

@balrogboogie @Curator @mawr Thank you all for the suggestions! I'm glad there are some great options out here. :D

@rheall writing.exchange led by the awesome @matt

Also, wandering.shop led by the awesome @phildini

And then there is the cool domain at bookwor.ms too (uncertain if it's just about reading but you gotsta write to read). ;P

There may be others...

@rheall there are several. I know of writing.exchange offhand. @wion is there. He may know more.

@eleanor @rheall

I’m not aware of many writing instances, in fact.

My observation about writers is they’re rather spread all over the fediverse. And even on places like writing.exchange, people don’t always toot about writing (I’m guilty too).

My suggestion is search hashtags #writing, #amwriting, #editing, #nanowrimo, #fiction, #nonfiction, #narrative, etc and find/follow people that way. Don’t forget whatever genre tags your interested in.

@wion @eleanor @rheall Wandering.Shop. I know of a few genre-themed ones, so that's another route to explore.

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