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Hello, my name is Heather, and I make stuff! Comics, illustration, stories, all good things.

You can easily check out my work by following these links:

🐉 : sableandaster.com/
⚔️ : criticalhitcomic.com/
🕸 : liquidflare.net/
💵 : patreon.com/rheall

I'm writing a thing about making comics and it might help you if you're having trouble beginning! Plug in $0 to get it free but please consider helping me with a donation. gumroad.com/l/vJFSK

*I go to a coffee shop and spend three hours working on the Horse Drawing Workshop*

Me: "Ah, I got so much work done! Now I can go home and really relax…"

*goes home, sits on couch, nervously twitches fingers*

Me: "…I want to work more on the Horse Drawing Workshop."


i managed to send off some color options for a thing to a client so it's time to post YET ANOTHER DOODLE DUMP of uh. quark and odo again. i have OTHER art i'm working on but it's slower to accumulate in mass posting format

Commissions will be closed until 5/1 after which I will be taking another batch with the updated prices shown below! I will be open for character icons, small and full illustrations, and custom projects!

Mastopeeps, you're my favourite.
💞 :mastodon: 💞
I love this community so much!

Everytime I walk past this little scene my heart gets filled with happiness. 💞🐵🐻🐶💕

Just wrote up a blog post with a life update and exciting things coming up in my art and comic world…!! The next month or so is going to be so awesome, I can't wait!

Read it here: liquidflare.net/update/2018/ne (There are pictures!)

A good piece to christen this new account with; finished full illustration commission for WolfWings! This is his brown Hyena character, Splitpaw, who is selling a powerful magical artifact to a local trusted dealer. This was such a blast to work on!

Spent some time tonight on my horse drawing workshop. It's coming along! I only have a week left until though, aaaaaaah!! Gotta get it finished!

Lost an old friend of mine last week. His name was Kirby. Please let your pets know how much you love them for me.

I haven't been getting much done on the art front, though, but I'm feeling fine about that. I've been busy! Our new place is still rather chaotic, with boxes and things scattered around, but we'll hopefully be able to deal with most of that after this weekend when we get more furniture.

So more art and creative things will happen! I'm just easing into it slowly. That and spending way less time online, which I think is good for me.

Hope you all are doing well!

Hey y'all! Sorry for disappearing for a while there… I have been moving!

The move is about 80% completed now. We are fully moved into the new place (yaaaaay!), but we still have a lot of furniture and things at the old place we have to get rid of. We have until the end of the month to do that, so we have time. I just wish it was done, you know? :)

The new place is great. I'm so happy here. And we can have pets!!! I can't wait to get a dog here, you all have no idea. :D

So yeah, good things!

on bird site, I once saw a vintage lesbinan flagging pin that said simply "don't die wondering". I'm finding myself thinking about that now. The sheer amount of cultural context packed into those three words is breathtaking.

another thousand pictures of odo and quark flop out of my wallet

Oh right, I didn't post this here yet!

Everyone's doing the thing, but I'm not quite sure how it works… are they recent works? Portfolio pieces? Faces to see how they compare with our actual faces?

Well, here's one with recent things. I haven't done much other than sketching, tbh. I think this is a cute selfie, though!