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Hello, my name is Heather, and I make stuff! Comics, illustration, stories, all good things.

You can easily check out my work by following these links:

🐉 : sableandaster.com/
⚔️ : criticalhitcomic.com/
🕸 : liquidflare.net/
💵 : patreon.com/rheall

I woke up today to the calls of northern flickers and drumming.

Not bad at all.

(Photo from a few years ago.)


My fingers are on fire


Now I just have to learn how to play guitar properly, haha…

A friend of mine sold me her old guitar. I have named it Audrey. :D

I usually don't cross-post, but I think this video demonstrating a new tree branch brush with randomized segments is a bit long for Masto.


Chickadee blues from yesterday's live stream!

My grandfather always feed chickadees out of his hands. They've been my favorite birds since then. ❤

You can follow my Twitch channel ( twitch.tv/levitea ) if you'd like to be alerted to streams. I also have a Discord server set up with a channel to alert members when the stream is live. Link to that over on Twitch.

Did some figure studies today from the fantastic Bodies In Motion website. Specifically this pose: bodiesinmotion.photo/motion/15

I can definitely see the ways in which I'm struggling with these. I need to do more to get better and faster!

And here's the timelapse video so you can see how many times I had the draw/redraw to get it to look halfway decent. ;) youtu.be/hQ_7ZqNSPlM

Some more puppy hugs for my friends on Mastodon today. 💖 mastodon.art/media/OhvbTZPn_Fm

Remember that pencil tool I posted yesterday? Here's the inker for Clip.


See previous toot for info on how to best use tilt functions in Clip Studio.

Hourlies!! This was my third year participating, and I think I need to reevaluate how I do these, haha… they took forever. XD

Read it in its entirety here: liquidflare.net/portfolio/hour

I've decided that 2018 is the year I try very hard to finally get a job in storyboarding. 💪

If anyone reading this has any advice, tips, resources, or anything else that may be able to help me, please do send it along!

I have all my past storyboard attempts on my website here: liquidflare.net/portfolio/stor If you're a storyboard artist I'd appreciate any tips for new works I could do to flesh out my portfolio, and critiques on things I can work on.

Thank you so much in advance! <3

Made it outside again, finally, for some life drawing/painting. Cold hands, but 100% worth it. Haven't found puffballs in the yard before, so that was a nice surprise!



Well, everyone in my household may be incapacitated (I'm not yet but I'm not optimistic), but in this time of need, Taffy has risen to the challenge of sole breadwinner, and is also on his way to putting me out of my job