also here's what I was thinking when I was talking about dust bowl tarot.

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for context, this is the project that I'm not sure if I'm being like super inappropriate, trying to portray a historical, political event through the lens of tarot. I guess I'm extra on edge because I got a fucking C on the first one. 🙃 this professor and I are not getting along.

@renardroi I'm not sure there is a right or wrong answer. I think it would depend on like, people who went through that, how would they feel looking at this? But it's just long enough ago that I can't imagine there's anyone alive and young enough to ever see this... which means we can't really answer that question. The assignment is more the problem, I think, if there even is one...

@renardroi ...because to me it's weird the prof is having you make art about something that doesn't have anything to do with you, you know? A historical event means you didn't experience it... unless you have someone in your family that went through it and talked about, in which case that does give your more agency to talk about it. Also it wouldnt be out of place in an illustration class, but obvs idk what kind of class this is.

@renardroi Or like if it was a historical event that specifically has relevancy to you, like a queer person making art about gay rights over the years, you wouldn't have to worry SO much about if it's appropriate or not, because you have agency to explore that in whatever way makes sense to you.

@renardroi And lastly, thematically, I think for me there's a little bit of a disconnect. I love Tarot and these illustrations are lovely, but what is the purpose of looking at this particular event through the lense of Tarot? It's an INTERESTING take, but I'm not sure if it's a MEANINGFUL one, you know? 🤔

@JLGribble youll have to excuse me bc Im on my phone right now but can you explain more why you seem to think I would come onto the internet and lie about having an assignment ? I am sincerely confused by "if it even exists". to what end would I be lying? second, I think its incredibly shortsighted and strange to say that we shouldnt make art commenting on historical or political events that we werent there for, when regardless of identity they have real impact on everyone.

@JLGribble there are huge ripple effects with any historical event, especially one as big as the depression. its impossible to talk about modern Californian politics without talking about the dust bowl or some facet of its impact because migrant farmers were and are the backbone of our economy. "congress created dust bowl" are words that I saw all the time when driving through the central valley.

@JLGribble the dust bowl was a climate crisis but also a failure of government, for incentivizing overfarming in an ecosystem that couldnt sustain it and isnt that relevant today? and this is just talking about one historical event, all of history has reasons to be picked up and re-examined through the lens of modern problems and gatekeeping that is extremely weird to me.

@JLGribble lastly, a lot of political art (political cartoons) heavily relies on shorthand and a shared symbolic meaning in culture in order to create a narrative very quickly, and my thoughts with bringing tarot into the mix is that essentially is the same but the subject is more about the self. also tarot is interesting in that its used for trying to predict the future and history can sometimes be used to do that. I'd say more but I already elaborated a lot last night to my fake professor lol

@renardroi That's an awesome point, and exactly what I was looking for! Just because I didn't see the connection doesn't mean it wasn't there, and I appreciate you explaining it to me! I'm really sorry if my comments came across as an attack. I had that problem sometimes in classes when I participated in critiques, I come across harsher than I mean to.

@renardroi All I can say is you're right. I hadn't thought of it like that. I was solely coming at it from the angle of "is how this topic is being addressed inappropriate" which you said was a concern of yours. And, ironically, you answered your own question; all of the information and context you have given me spells out: your handling of the topic is fine. You have a firm understanding of what you want to say and why you're saying it.

@renardroi 😱 Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, no that's not what I meant at ALL 😭 I didn't phrase that well. You were worried about possibly not tackling the topic appropriately, so when I said "if it even exists" I was referring to the word "problem" in that sentence, not the word "assignment"; as in, if there is a problem at all, it would be with the assignment. But I totally see how you read it and that's my fault because the sentence is ambiguous.

@renardroi As for the second bit, that's definitly a fair point! I hadn't thought of it like that.

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