my ou and campaign world map! (or partial world map). I'm sparing you guys from the bunch of misc layers with stuff like lattitude lines and tectonic plates so you can just enjoy the map itself.

@renardroi That's a great map! It feels like a realistic map, with a well thought trough scientific underpinning.

I wouldn't mind seeing some of that misc stuff to see how you constructed it. ;)


@yncke I haven't really finished some of the notes but here:

1. tectonic plates to offer some explanation of mountain ranges + lattitude lines to keep track of climate. in general the planet i have in mind is much more wide around the middle than earth. a bit more pumpkin shaped.
2. a kind of map of global air currents, which actually is informed by the map instead of the reverse. useful for tradewinds/determining where tropical storms might be
3. my original map! made w/ inkarnate

still wip: working on local climate and culture notes and still need to label a lot of places that weren't even labeled in the original.

not pictured: local maps I've made in inkarnate over the course of the campaign, tons of reference photos of iceland, the arabian peninsula, and india, and a lot of diagrams of earth

oh also 

It's a delight to see how much thought you put in those maps. And to see how that thought translated into a very credible map. A lot of invented maps feel a bit like the story designed the lands instead of the mechanics of the planet itself, but these are just great to look at.

Thank you very much for sharing, and for explaining how you came to it!
It's inspirational for me. :)

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