doodling some ideas ive had while I listen to my first audiobook lmao

I had 1 other similar idea in my brain that i didnt have time to get down before i went to bed but is basically like. you know when knights are entombed and they have their sword on their chest. a scene like that but theyre being accosted by predators in a similar manner

also people may not be interested but i like seeing the step-by-step sorta stuff for things like this.

the first image is a thumbnail doodle to get down just the idea that i had, no references or anything. the second has just the animals w/ poses frankensteind from refs, but not in the exact arrangement i would want.

basically: do thumbnails ok. see where your ideas take you. this was only 1 of a couple of arrangements i thought of. but dont be like me and erase each thumb you dont use lol

@renardroi I love seeing step-by-steps and tutorials, thank you for sharing!

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