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I'm trying to go by Grim on the internet now (he/they). these are some things to describe me:

- nb
- himbo
- dnd nerd
- NorCal/SoCal gay
- adhd
- chaotic lawful

thank you that is all

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welp. support your local himbo by commissioning me if u can

Feral/Quad Sketches;
Bust - $10 USD
Fullbody - $15 USD
+$3 USD color

Feral/Quad Lined;
Bust - $15 USD
Fullbody - $20 USD
+$5 USD color

Human Sketches;
Bust - $15 USD
+ $3 USD color

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the RSD kickin in when you least expect it every single time should become predictable at some point shouldnt it and yet here we are

vaguely nfsw joke 

when will someone invent a tiddy ass wrist rest for my laptop. need some bobbers to cushion my sadistic arm posture,

anyways to take a break from the hellscape that is life rn i drew some fanart last night. then we had an earthquake so i think its a sign to stop. ill be back workin on comms this weekend! 💚

heres my interpretation of dream's minecraft skin because im sorry but regular dude with just a mask on his face and green sweater doesnt cut it for me. i have very specific interests. changeling elf alien creature interests. cool cape interests. last pic was my doodle to figure out the outfit.

life update 

Bobcat Fire seems to be moving northwards away from us and whats left here is dying down. wilson observatory is still i think experiencin some troubles but u know. air quality improving slowly.

on the other hand, school has started and is hectic. asynchronous learning is incomprehensible to my adhd brain.

home renovations have to happen so we can sell the house in oct/nov which means being in a hotel for ~5 days next week. while doing class. also there was an earthquake last night

thinking about how when people do cutesy pet talk they always talk about how cute their pets are and the only thing i do is tell teddy that he's a stinky goblin boy

tw mento illness 

having anxiety, chronic depression, and unmedicated adhd always be like. yeah but im not disabled enough to belong in those spaces. im doing fine :) meanwhile i spent like 8 years trying to get stable enough to function at the bare minimum

hello we have evacuated for the time being to ventura county. the air quality was making us sick, so we've done the old fashioned thing and gone to the ocean to get some slightly fresher air

Hello! I'm working with an assignment for class based on job searching, so if you've ever searched for a job, I would be really grateful if you could fill in this 9 question survey! And please share the survey if you'd like. Thank you!
:boost_ok: 💖

how to get a job shelving books in a library at night

if i see one more modern cop procedural set in california use the death penalty as a threat to a suspect im going to swallow an egg whole like a snake and go live in the woods

trying to decide if braving the smoke and ash is worth my adhd self medication of caffeine

Goblin culture sees gender through a spectrum, and it is expressed through clothing. Lo'Ka is typically vibrant and flowing and is the closest thing to "feminine" on the Goblin spectrum. Tih'Dei on the other hand tend to be duller colors, stiffer and closer to "masculine". Dei and Ka typically refer to "vibrance" of the clothing which can be anything from color to the "soul" of the clothing. Lo and Tih refer to the "bond" of the clothing and how it interacts with the body.

some fanart for Lucifer (the show) because im a sucker. vaguely inspired by a bleeding heart dove

some fanart for Lucifer (the show) because im a sucker. vaguely inspired by a bleeding heart dove

if yall need it but most stuff even my size is sold out - also i usually wear like 1XL - 2XL at regular stores but I think I could wear M - L even??????? idk

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love a sale thats only for us fat folks god bless. this shirt look ugly as hell but its $15 and normally its $120 so you know im gonna find a way to make it work

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