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I'm trying to go by Grim on the internet now (he/they). these are some things to describe me:

- nb
- himbo
- dnd nerd
- NorCal/SoCal gay
- adhd
- chaotic lawful

thank you that is all

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welp. support your local himbo by commissioning me if u can

Feral/Quad Sketches;
Bust - $10 USD
Fullbody - $15 USD
+$3 USD color

Feral/Quad Lined;
Bust - $15 USD
Fullbody - $20 USD
+$5 USD color

Human Sketches;
Bust - $15 USD
+ $3 USD color

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cw self harm scars

anyways here's what I made for homework instead. idk what I'm doing man

more vent 😔 ugh i should be making smth for homework but i just cant rn

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vent doodles i guess. i dont think i can use this for homework

apparently this wasn't due monday it was due today so I got a chance to fix a little bit of stuff. mostly messed around with the light beams, changed it to only one. widened the river a little bit fixed all the dust motes and such.

also bones.

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you ever look at ur art hand and say make something gay, dammit.

List of things that have gone wrong on this Cursed Moving Trip 

- we didn't get enough pods for furniture and ended up like throwing so much stuff out and they made me get rid of my shelves
- will got a flat tire on day 2 of our trip and then the people replacing them basically tried to scam him
- we get here and the previous tenant is still here and didnt finish moving his stuff until MIDNIGHT
- our pods were supposed to be here today and now wont be here till monday.

anyways I am....tired

we're in our new house and the last tenant still hasn't moved out. he was supposed to have been moved out on the 10th and yet here we are. some parts of me are like this dude seems sad and lonely and we should probably help him finish moving, btu the rest of me is like ok we packed our whole shit, we drove for three days, and still need to unpack our whole shit, and also we r in a pandemic so. no thanks,

changed my address on patreon and I think thats the last Urgent thing I had to do for this move. kinda pog ????

someone remind me to draw sapnap in a baseball outfit when I'm moved in thx

guys I have to come clean, I have to admit the truth. ..

I was a horse person as a kid 😔

what do yall think about this? does it look finished enough to turn in ? b/c my group wont give me feedback fast enough

about to take a nap at 6pm watch this losers

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