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hey guys. things are tight right now so just as a reminder I have and a ko-fi. you can see prices down below and my ko-fi is here:

thanks for all ur patience and support online ily.

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just as a small PSA for my followers;

I'm nb 🏳️‍🌈 and my pronouns are they/them, but when it comes to like gendered titles and words I tend to prefer masc things. like my username for example (roi). femme titles are big 🚫 especially princess. thank u 💚

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hey! I know that people love to post words written with emojis. these are pretty lame for people with screen readers but its still a fun little goof so as alternative try taking a screenshot of the emojis and posting it as an image with a description! its a small thing we can do to make our social media more accessible. 💚

Hensly Joy is from Mindanao, Philippines. Even as a kid, she always knew she was different, never fantasizing over her crushes and finding the idea of sex odd and awkward. She's a pround lithromantic in a conservative country where LGBTQ+ is not fully supported.

oh I should plug them!!

I only know their tumblr which is here:

one of my players and good friend has been incredibly kind and supportive during this rough patch and the only way I know how to repay people is with art so I drew their PC, a socially awkward tiefling who seems to have gained the favor of the deity of the moons :o

theres something so satisfying about playing a dnd character whos just as dumb as you are so you dont have to pretend you have a filter

(im "Not A Clever Bottom")

I'm gonna release them with a cc by-sa 4.0 license after some corrections. Target is 64~ pictures.

On patreon a preview of them:

Feel free to make suggestions for other ones in this set (but I'm gonna consider the ones from people that pay me first, since I'm a venal monster).

open btw.

I decided to draw my first ever character (from maybe 2015?) and I fucking...cannot remember their name for the life of me. also they're a changeling so they NEVER looked like this. but what can u do.

leeroy jenkins video turned 14 years old about 6 days ago............................................

I didn't eat anything all day just coffee and then at 10pm I ate 6 meatballs and deviled eggs with WAY too much vinegar I think I fucked up. its been real gu

my 2nd favorite kind of character is the kind of character that would enthusiastically accept any high five offer even from the enemy

hey it's big loving your partner hours

Really great background info about that "two wolves" story here:
Please boost as you would a good meme.

I would just like to announce to mastodon publically that the eragon movie has the BEST cgi dragon design hands down. there were a lot of not good parts of that movie but the fact that saphira's design was criticized is honestly unforgivable. some people out there put a LOT of love into the design and it shows.

Hey y'all! We're soft launching that discord server I mentioned!

Your moderators are @renardroi , @mothpop , @Peachiepop , and me! We have a lot planned but we're going slow for now. That being said, we'd love to see you there! Creators of all types are absolutely welcomed!

he also said the central valley wasnt racist "just conservative". my someone born and raised in a shithole city like stockton its absolutely racist. the entire central valley is full of white okies who benefit off of illegal immigrants working on farms but then turn around and are still insanely xenophobic get right out of town. you dont know jack about my birthplace

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