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I'm trying to go by Grim on the internet now (he/they). these are some things to describe me:

- nb
- himbo
- dnd nerd
- NorCal/SoCal gay
- adhd
- chaotic lawful

thank you that is all

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welp. support your local himbo by commissioning me if u can

Feral/Quad Sketches;
Bust - $10 USD
Fullbody - $15 USD
+$3 USD color

Feral/Quad Lined;
Bust - $15 USD
Fullbody - $20 USD
+$5 USD color

Human Sketches;
Bust - $15 USD
+ $3 USD color

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anyways. please dont treat roommates like emotional support animals. if you want to be best friends with your roommate, move in with your best friend. this shit is so degrading - being forced to go through my third move in less than 6 months because I havent become bffs with someone after a MONTH.


okay so the prof didnt like my tarot idea. i will now be doing the most simple idea of the lot

throwback to when my prof told me to get better internet because we're doing online classes. as if I have any choice in the matter. 🀑

for context, this is the project that I'm not sure if I'm being like super inappropriate, trying to portray a historical, political event through the lens of tarot. I guess I'm extra on edge because I got a fucking C on the first one. πŸ™ƒ this professor and I are not getting along.

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also here's what I was thinking when I was talking about dust bowl tarot.

working on my praxis project, which means I get to work on my deity designs + redesign some artifacts. : )!!! πŸ’š

i have a painting project to do where I have to make a triptych of an event in history, sort of politics related also, and I want to do the dust bowl. I had an idea to do like... a tarot themed one, but I don't know if that's like...totally inappropriate.

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crawls from the abyss to place this lil centaur here. We started a new campaign today with the crew and I made a horserer (horse sorcerer). her name is Sophie (:

saw someone make an oc that is a carousel horse centaur and had to try my hand at it. i think i've strayed a little from the carousel horse idea but i still love him

ive seen some Bad Takes on twitter lately but blaming (largely) queer women making light hearted jokes about their oppressors for the spread of "bioessentialism" (just say terfs, god) has to be one of the lamest ones yet

last night my professor wrote a huge long paragraph berating me for not writing an evidence-based proposal and how she thought i was 'better than that' (paraphrasing but the whole thing had that kind of vibe) because SHE didn't scroll down to the last page to look at my bibliography. when I pointed out that I did have a bibliography, her reply was just like 'omg jeez sorry' πŸ™ƒ

does anyone have gouache recommendations? I know literally nothing about the medium but I like the look of it more than acrylic

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