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I'm trying to go by Grim on the internet now (he/they). these are some things to describe me:

- nb
- himbo
- dnd nerd
- NorCal/SoCal gay
- adhd
- chaotic lawful

thank you that is all

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welp. support your local himbo by commissioning me if u can

Feral/Quad Sketches;
Bust - $10 USD
Fullbody - $15 USD
+$3 USD color

Feral/Quad Lined;
Bust - $15 USD
Fullbody - $20 USD
+$5 USD color

Human Sketches;
Bust - $15 USD
+ $3 USD color

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anyone have any info about this weird patreon sales tax stuff??? I'm this 👌 close to just closing my patreon im very confused by it...

anyways send me ur artfight profiles and stuff so i can follow

here is meee

ObserverBot: Is equipped with a set of special and advanced cameras, sound devices, temperature sensors, atmospheric conditions analyzers and chemical signaling (odors) sensors . Its main task is to observe, analyze and record interactions that need time to develop and that is necessary to wait to analyze in their natural time cycles. Like interactions between macro organisms, social interactions, visual development of a phenomenon, odors, sounds etc.

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what artfight teams r the squad going to be on? who am i squaring up with i need 2 know

all i have to say about people's reactions to jenna marbles leaving is like. kill your darlings. please take a step back and actually listen to what she was saying in the vid and reflect on it, critique it, and find some new content.

adhd is remembering that you needed to do something but then taking a drink and forgetting and then remembering that you remembered to do something but not remembering what that thing was and then worrying that it was Really Important and just stewing in your anxiety about it

i think i'll settle on smth like this and then maybe do a black phase winter coat, white phase summer coat

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what do we think about this pokemon ass shit for Virtanii alphas (they dont have big sexual dimorphism but do have dipmorphism based sorta on social strata)

first pic is regular species, second is alpha ideas ?

if this person doesnt like the snake in this comm im gonna cry real tears i spent so much time on it lol

work cancelled and now ive finished everything i needed to do urgently, all before noon and now idk what to do with myself

played more glitter hearts today. tomorrow: class registration, driving mom to work, and also going to work myself. 😔

after 6 hours of playing glitter hearts, uhh we accomplished very little. i was bullied for 6 hours for my character being a drunk but also having a degree and a stable job

me n the squad have been playing glitter hearts since 3:45pm (its almost 8:30 now)

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