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hey I do like and stuff sometimes. sketch comms are $10 - 30 USD but I also have ko-fi commissions available.


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hey! I know that people love to post words written with emojis. these are pretty lame for people with screen readers but its still a fun little goof so as alternative try taking a screenshot of the emojis and posting it as an image with a description! its a small thing we can do to make our social media more accessible. 💚

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this screenshot is so good honestly. per the advice of my ex, I feel like I should make it my about page. i should delete my intro toot and replace it with this. its fucking modern art

This SoCal weather is something else tho

This was this morning on the way to work 👇🏽

people who sell adopts for 3 dollars AND people who sell adopts for like 80 dollars are so brave i wish that was me

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i never understood why like. salt was a major tool we talked about in watercolor to provide "texture". like it dont do very much at all. I might as well pop some sand on there with elmer's school glue. like if you're wanting to pick up some of the paint/pigment you could so easily do that with sponge or paper towel or cloth and just put the salt on ur food goddamn....

really thought my dnd party wouldn't be stupid enough to set dynamite off in a small underground passageway while standing only 20 feet away, so I didn't prepare for it.....uh..........

i dont wanna do dnd today but it feels rude to cancel

the cars from the movie Cars are actually not unlike hermit crabs in the way that they discard their metal shells once they get too big for them. the proof is there. in the beetles

anyways I'm eating a burrito with french fries in it and I love being human

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I love jackson crawford he's very hot and very knowledgeable about ancient norse and films in the most beautiful places. but...he's very proud of his own tweets. loves them a little too much

I need like a mastodon version of /r/legaladvice or whatever. can anyone tell me if I have grounds to file some kind of complaint for HIPAA violation

you may ask: what boy? I don't know but he probably is being stabbed I am a grandpa who is a purveyor of fine angsts

I'm am old man. old grandpa. pleas assume I don't know what is going on 24/7. I have no clue. I think about all day is boy

okay I think that's everyone!! thanks for letting me see ur ocs and love them

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