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I'm trying to go by Grim on the internet now (he/they). these are some things to describe me:

- nb
- himbo
- dnd nerd
- NorCal/SoCal gay
- adhd
- chaotic lawful

thank you that is all

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welp. support your local himbo by commissioning me if u can

Feral/Quad Sketches;
Bust - $10 USD
Fullbody - $15 USD
+$3 USD color

Feral/Quad Lined;
Bust - $15 USD
Fullbody - $20 USD
+$5 USD color

Human Sketches;
Bust - $15 USD
+ $3 USD color

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fuck it
*draws fanart for my own fanfic*
this is just a little doodle I did while on a call with my fiance but it's a scene I've had stuck in my head

cw for animal death / gore ?

time for therapy (standing in the rain)

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injury LMAO 

also yes I did accidentally cut my hand on broken glass in the most overt sign from the universe, i bled all over the dishes in my sink, and my whole hand feels like i shut it in a door. I don't understand why the whole area feels so sore and the knuckle joints hurt so bad. I'm in agony! but things are looking up folks !

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got an A- minus on my praxis final, got an A on my ilus final. things are lookin up folks!

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recreated a doodle from 2016 with hyenas! and some text. its for that same personal project. wish I had the original file for the 2016 piece, but I do not. rip

as my friend chris said: 4 legs for balance and 2 legs for breaking all of your bones

quick sketch of a steed for a god of war / god of the hunt. gotta finish this guy up and give him some cool livery.............. also gotta design the god itself at some point

watching a friend get cancelled on twatter dot com has once again reminded me that blue hellsite bad

anyways anyone wanna see a horse

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is there anything better than a black cat with gold eyes

eventually I'd like to turn this into a whole complete actual booklet but that's a lot of time and work and I'm not there yet !

one day :P

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I've been working on this mini-supplement for my homebrew setting for school. It's mostly done (although its obviously SUPER rough and mostly untested).

anyways, I wanted to let you guys see some of what I've been working on!

(not sure if I'm allowed to tag this as art so I won't lol)

this was originally a photoshop image that I turned into a little doodle. I am not good at photoshop :P

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