Let's highlight a few other thing for , which isn't a thing yet but which should be the day you pick up a few extra things to thank Bandcamp for their work, if you can afford it.
And for that, it makes sense to go to catalog work - you picked up the artist's latest on - what else did they do? So here's some older stuff from the same artists I highlighted yesterday.
First, to Suzanne Ciani: my favorites of her are The Buchla Concerts 1975

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… and her FRKWYS collaboration with Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Sunergy: kaitlynaureliasmith.bandcamp.c
Of all of KAS's solo works, I still like EARS the best: kaitlynaureliasmith.bandcamp.c but I bought that one in a shop so it's not in my collection.
EARS is one of several works that made me interested in synthesizers a few years ago.

From the same time period and also synth-based, but in a different genre altogether is Creatures by Ari Mason:
Not quite dark wave but somber synth pop; this link goes to Ari's own re-release of the album, not the version I bought. It reminded me of a more modern Happy Rhodes, though her vocal timbre is very different.

But I said I was going to focus on artists I mentioned earlier! From Seeming, 2016's Sol: A Self-Banishment Ritual still stands as their best. 2016 was a good year for music in my opinion.
Features Merzbow and media critic El Sandifer, though not on the same track.

And speaking of Happy Rhodes, she emerged from a decade away from music a few years ago as the singer of Security Project, a touring band that performs the work of Peter Gabriel. Because her voice is nothing like Gabriel's, this pushed the band in a much more interesting direction than before:

Also mentioned earlier: Young Ejecta whose earlier album The Planet is also quite good.
Not mentioned earlier but fitting the context of melancholy poppy music made on synths: @deerful whose albums both as Deerful and as Heartsease I've enjoyed a lot since 2016-ish.

@reinderdijkhuis Oh, this is very, very nice! Need to pick it up next bandcamp Friday.

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