There's booting from a floppy and then there's booting from vinyl

So we know it's possible to build records from the pre-microprocessor days so if at any point distributing software for something like #CollapseOS (or maybe the OS itself) becomes an issue, it's possible to cover some bases with a 45 RPM 10" record

I'm sure the EPROM can be replaced with hardwired functionality

This specific example has a #FreeDOS kernel

@cypnk This used to be more common than you might think.

Back in the 1970's several magazines experimented with this format for distributing software.

@profoundlynerdy @cypnk Also this: The second hit of a Dutch one-hit wonder had binary code at the end.
I remember hearing BASIC programs get distributed on the radio and finding the sound unpleasant.

@reinderdijkhuis @cypnk Dude!

Do you know about more of these? I'll let TOSEC know so that it can be properly cataloged.


@profoundlynerdy @cypnk I know there's more out there, but can't remember what exactly.

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